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Compiled Election Information From Past Events


Seth Keshel came to visit Utah and talk about our election integrity issues. He also spoke about several other topics, including Romney. We were lucky to also have 6 America First candidates come as well and they were able to speak about ranked choice voting and their thoughts on the future on Utah and our country. 

To view Seth Keshel slides go here and the video is here


Friday the 20th we had an educate utah seminar in SLC. Our goal was to quickly go over some key items below:

Ranked Choice Voting- Wendy did a presentation on this and you can view a similar presentation here 

Education Alternatives- Academic Integrity Movement presented on this and their Slides are here.

Affidavits- James Tracy and Alena Ericksen spoke on the importance of affidavits and Ericksen’s case. The slides are here

Business and Medical Discrimination- Ryan Sterngal presented on this topic and the Utah Economic Coalition’s information can be found here 

Voting new data and machines- Presented by Alli and Elaine. New data slides are coming and will be updated here. Machine information can be found in the slide presentation here. The handout here

We handed out information on the below:

Digital Drivers License

Smart Cities


We will be updating and adding to this page but below are links to affidavits and or processes. Below are templates- you can make changes you need etc. We are not giving legal advice this is just for you to use if you need to fight unlawful mandates etc.


Video Recording of the Meeting and Presentation – Access code +7aAsq^1


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