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Water/ Great Salt Lake

This is six years ago. The video below is from one year ago. We suggest you watch both so you can understand how this all works.

Water Rights vs. Water Shares

Possible water tax hikes coming your way. Check out this video for more  information

Luckily, it appears our representatives are starting to ask questions about what is really going on with Great Salt Lake (GSL). Below are some articles that go over the questions from mining, and some interesting details about how much lithium mining and more, damages our lake. If we are truly trying to “save” the GSL, and not pillage until it’s bone-dry for profits, this will need to be addressed. 





Why does the GSL have a commissioner?


A few articles and or documents that should concern you. There is plan to take access to our water. In Utah we are being told to “conserve” at all costs, and our farmers are being demonized for using water, but is Utah really in a drought at the level they are presenting? Are they conserving water when they allow data centers to move to Utah and use massive amounts of water? What about what we mentioned above with the GSL? How about all the high density housing? 



More from the global unelected foreign organiztations about controlling our mountains.


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