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Utah, What is Happening to Our Water?

Author- Chelcie- opinion-submitted to Utah Freedom Coalition

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So, what’s the deal with Utah’s water?  Do we know why our water levels are so low?  Is it really due to a drought?  Have you noticed water piping being replaced, and new water metering popping up in your city?

So, what’s the deal with Utah’s water?  Do we know why our water levels are so low?  Is it really due to a drought?  Have you noticed water piping being replaced, and new water metering popping up in your city?

Utah’s government says it’s due to old infrastructure, lead poisoning, and conservation efforts.  Is that really why?  If it’s not, what might it be about? Further more if it’s not really about a drought then what is it?  Let’s take a look at some of the facts surrounding Utah’s new “green water infrastructure.” 

4 Key Points – Water Takeover

There are four main factors playing into this drought of ours:

  • Allocation of water
  • Climate change 
  • Weather modification
  • Source of our water

When it comes to the allocation of our water, not many people are aware of the Utah Central Project. This  project links the Green River into our Upper Colorado River Compact

We hear Governor Spencer Cox talk a lot about the Colorado River and how it is supposedly drying up, but no one seems to ever mention the Green River and its role in our water supply.  When the Utah Central Project was started in 1956, one million acre feet of water was being allocated, via the Green River, to our upper water basin.  Just to put that into perspective, one acre foot is equivalent to 326,000 gallons of water… that’s a lot of water! (Ahem how much is currently going to data centers in Utah?) 

As of today, it is only receiving 101,000 acre feet of water due to the government reducing the allocation amount over the last decade.  It doesn’t end there though, our government has also allotted a portion of our Colorado River water to Mexico!  They added the additional water to the share Mexico gets in Minute 319 of the Mexico-U.S. Treaty.  It goes down their river bed all the way to empty into the ocean. 

What about the water piping emptying reservoirs up Diamond Fork and Spanish Fork canyon all the way into the Great Salt Lake?  For those of you near Spanish Fork canyon, were you aware of that fact contributing to your diminishing water levels?  Provo River also has water pipes flowing into the Great Salt Lake.  The Jordan River also flows into the Great Salt Lake (you know the one that is declining), and even though Utah Rivers Council has provided alternative solutions to our supposed drought, our government is planning on reallocating 25-30 percent of Bear River to the Great Salt Lake.  That’s a lot of water allocations to the Great Salt Lake to just dry up and evaporate.  But is that really what’s happening?

Some history really quick to catch you up, the West Desert Pumps were installed in 1987 due to sever flooding. This was to drain the Great Salt Lake via three huge canals, into the west desert to evaporate.?  The pumps were turned off in 1989 but kept in place in case they were ever needed to be used again.  However, there has been a constant supply of water draining from the Great Salt Lake, through the pump station, and into the west desert canals as of today. 

In fact, I went out to the pumps, less than a week ago, and found at least eight miles of water flowing down the canals into the west desert to evaporate in the heat.  It appears all that water is being pumped into the lake to be sent to the west desert to dry up. 

It doesn’t stop there. Lake Mead has three huge underground tunnels draining water to Las Vegas.  Most people are only aware of one.  This would explain the 45 foot drop in water level, at Lake Powell, in one year.  Forty-five feet of water evaporation, due to heat, in one year, from a lake that is 186 miles long and 25 miles wide.  Seems a bit impossible.  In fact, a group of men who have been fishing at Lake Mead, for years, said that the decline in the water level there seems very suspicious; they have been out on the lake almost every day, for years, and have never seen a decrease like this so quickly due to heat. 

This brings us to the next point.  That very same day, these fisherman caught a flash flood of water flowing down into Lake Mead.  They said that these flash floods are very common and happen all the time there.  That is a huge amount of water, constantly refilling the lake, to just evaporate so quickly.  Is it really climate change that is causing all of these low water levels, algae blooms, and dead fish?

The west desert pumps, of the Great Salt Lake, are maintained monthly, and part of that maintenance is to install nitrogen cylinders to reduce water vapor from pressurizing in the pumps.  That’s interesting, because Governor Cox has talked a lot about algae blooms in the lake caused by climate change.  Do you know what else causes algae blooms in water?  Nitrogen does.  In fact, the Environmental Protection Agency says so themselves.  Algae blooms take over the ocean floor and block sunlight and oxygen from the water which also affects the water level, and quality, and kills the fish and life inside the lake.  Algae blooms also grow and block water inlets, meaning the Jordan River could be cut off from emptying into the lake if the inlets to the lake have been taken over by thick algae blooms.  Now, I am not aware if the outlets have been closed off by algae, but I do know the lake is being drained by the pump canals and that it is taking all the water it’s receiving from other reservoirs along with it. 

There is another issue with Lake Powell: mussels.  Mussels have taken over the lake.  Do you know what mussels do to algae?  They filter it, which is basically how they “eat”, and the filtered product ends with more dead fish.  This overgrowth of mussels is not a climate change issue.  It’s an issue of people bringing their boat to one lake, which is infested with mussels, and then bringing their boat to other lakes where those same mussels find a new home and start multiplying.  This is what happened with Lake Powell.  It has been taken over by mussels (I know this because I go there twice per year) which is affecting the algae in the lake, causing fish to die. 

The 1997, Volume 20, Number 1 Edition of the New Zealand Journal of Ecology, mentions all sorts of human-caused global environmental changes which include introducing species to new ecosystems, such as mussels specifically.  In fact, the ecologists, who wrote the article, specifically mention Lake Powell and its system of dams as also playing a role in human-caused environmental change.  A script from their journal reads, “Indeed, the damming and impounding of most of the rivers in the U.S. has been correlated with the invasion of rivers, streambanks, and floodplains by introduced species… For example, prior to the construction of the large network of dams that control the Colorado River, its floodplain forests were dominated by native cottonwood and willow species.  With dam construction, groundwater tables have dropped, scouring floods have ceased, and cottonwood and willow have declined… The fragmentation of wildlife habitat resulting from agriculture or urban development has also affected the spread of introduced species.  Urban forests and parklands represent an increasing percentage of our remaining near-natural habitats.”  Did you get the part where dam systems have caused our groundwater table levels to drop and flooding of water supply to cease?  It’s interesting that our government agencies and water conservancy departments keep proposing new dam systems in reservoirs that are still full.  From the sound of this journal entry, it seems that those reservoirs are still full because they don’t have dams affecting their natural flow and means of retaining water.  It is interesting that these reservoirs, higher in elevation, are still full in a supposed severe drought, yet the Great Salt Lake and Lake Powell (the two lakes with means to be drained) are lowering with staggering water level drops… impossible water level drops in such a short amount of time. 

Speaking of dams, the Utah Division of Water Rights has a whole list of dams, on their site, that are at “high hazard” ratings which means that they are filled to the spill crest (or full to the top) of water.  They are considered a high hazard because, if one of the dams were to break, the amount of water that would release, all at once, would cause severe damage of property and loss of life due to flooding.  Isn’t it interesting that we have so many dams with reservoirs that are filled to the top, yet other reservoirs are so low that we are supposedly in a drought?  Wouldn’t they all be at low water levels? 

The other thing that I found interesting was the fact that Bob Seagar, a Resource Consultant, who did data collection with the Bureau of Land Management for 20 years, was hired by Utah’s Public Land Office. He was hired to do an independent inspection of Monroe Mountain, where our government has been saying that there is over-grazing happening on Utah public land, and that the water levels are low and the water quality is poor.  Keep in mind, overgrazing means that there is damage being done to water and land due to animals grazing the land excessively.  This is one of the things that our government continues to comment on and use as reasoning to eliminate animals (a food source) from our lands.  Bob showed up to Legislation interim session to report his findings.  He reported that he had discovered that there was no grazing going on at Monroe Mountain, that there was good diverse vegetation, and there was an abundant supply of water.  He also collected water samples and said the water quality was great, all 17 sites that he surveyed exceeded expectations by 15-24 percent, and that whoever was giving the water and land quality and quantity reports to the state, had been intentionally skewing the data.  Does that surprise you?

Part of Utah’s Strategic Plans, from the Division of Natural Resources, to help with drought, is to re-initiate cloud seeding.  Cloud seeding is basically a way to play God with the weather.  It’s also called “weather modification.”  Cloud seeding is when salt, or dry ice, is shot into the clouds to make it rain.  Interesting that dry ice is used considering that dry ice is the solid form of carbon dioxide…you know, the stuff the Environmental Protection Agency, and our Utah government, keeps saying they want to get rid of.  It’s also a little silly considering that plants need carbon dioxide to survive and plants are what give off oxygen so that we can survive.  Now, here is the problem with cloud seeding: Dane Wigington has years of experience with a background in solar energy and is a licensed contractor.  He has also worked with several geo-engineers over the years.  He has been investigating the Environmental Protection Agency, our federal government, and geo-engineering (weather modification) for decades.  Over the years, he has acquired documentation, patents, and contracts proving all the research and work he has done.  He has, in his possession, presidential and U.S. Senate documents, military documents, and over 150 patents that prove that the federal government has been deciding where and when it rains and that they have been involved with weather modification and chem trail spraying, at a large scale, for over 70 years.  In fact, he is the one who published the documentation and evidence on the underground tunnels under Lake Mead that are draining Mead and Lake Powell.  His contracts, patents, and other documentation can be found on his website at geoengineeringwatch.org.  Dane goes into a lot of detail regarding cloud seeding and how it actually causes moisture to disperse and migrate causing drought conditions, not more moisture, when it rains.  He states that they are actually cooling areas with ice nucleotides and frying other areas with microwaves.  I don’t know about you, but this cloud seeding in Utah’s plans doesn’t sound like the answer to our “drought” problems to me.  It sounds like part of the problem.  What do you think? 

The patents that Dane has collected also show exactly which jet chem trails and particles they are spraying into our air.  These chem trails contain iron and sulfur that settle to the ocean floor and cause something I mentioned earlier….algae blooms.  These particles also help the ocean to absorb carbon dioxide which is not good for plant life in water giving off oxygen to aquatic life.  In a document titled Owning the Weather, published in 1996 by the U.S. government, our government states that their goal is for the U.S. military and globalists to “own the weather” and to turn the weather into a forced multiplier (meaning that we would be better off without it).  The published document also stated that they would be “giving the ability to modify weather patterns to those with resources.” (notice the date of 2025…interesting timeline)

Dane states that climate intervention is drastically disrupting the hydrological cycle, wind patterns, oceans, and soils.  He also states that carbon dioxide levels are the same as they were four million years ago and that the methane and nitrous oxide that they are spraying into the air are trapping heat in the atmosphere. 

We’ve now talked about the allocation of our water and weather modification & climate change.  I will go more into detail on some of that, in Part II of water, on a later day. 

For now, we still need to venture into the source of our water.  Do you know where water comes from and how it is made?  Paul Pauer, a primary water expert who survived the Hungarian water system takeover by our U.S. military through NATO, provides a plethora of knowledge and evidence as to where our water really comes from. 

You can explore a wealth of this information on his website at The Primary Water Institute. Basic water 101- water comes from rain.  101-2, you know that there is an ocean swirling around us, but do you know about the ocean of water inside the earth’s crust?  Think about it… have you ever seen hot springs or geysers spraying up out of the ground?  That water obviously doesn’t come from rain water from the sky.  That’s because water is made inside the earth’s crust.  It is a never-ending renewable resource.  If our earth’s temperature is so hot, have you ever wondered what is inside the earth’s crust that keeps magma cool?  In fact, in 2014, USA Today published an article where they admit that “researchers have discovered evidence of water — enough to fill oceans — embedded in minerals deep beneath the surface of the United States that could alter the current understanding of the Earth’s composition and how it was formed.”  We know water consists of two hydrogen molecules and one oxygen molecule.  The earth’s crust is made of nitrogen, carbon, oxygen, hydrogen… you know, earth’s elements.  So, wouldn’t it make sense that, under the pressure of the earth’s crust, hydrogen and oxygen molecules bond together to make some good old H2O?  Paul has been drilling primary water wells for years and has found an abundant supply of natural, clean, renewing water deep within the earth’s crust.  In fact, Utah’s government officials have admitted that we have massive underground aquifers.  Ever been to Stump Spring in Ogden?  It’s a free natural spring water source that has been providing drinking water for people outside for years.  It naturally pumps out 60 gallons of water per minute.    

So, let’s pause for a minute.  We now know they are draining our reservoirs, we know that the things they are blaming on climate change are actually due to materials, particles, and gases being sprayed into our atmosphere and pumped into our water. We know human-caused changes such as introducing new species to ecosystems and man-made dam systems also cause havoc.  We know that our state government agencies are intentionally skewing data regarding our land and water quality and quantity.  We also now know there is a never ending supply of clean, fresh water underneath us.  The next questions to be asked are, “Why is our government doing this?” and “What are they going to do next?”

Why is Utah lying to us about a drought?  They know what’s actually causing conditions mimicking a drought.  What are the two things that everyone knows a corrupt government wants?  Money and power, right?  We will talk about both of these things and how they apply to Utah’s Water in Part II of this water saga. We will also talk more about our water being intentionally contaminated in Part II of Water.  This brings us to our final question for Part I

Green “Smart” Infrastructure

Utah State Strategic Plans show that our state government agencies are already installing “green smart water infrastructure.” This would include all of the digital smart secondary water meters they are placing throughout the state. Have you noticed those going up in your homes and cities? Strategic Plans, annual reports, contracts, and blueprints all show that they are replacing all of our municipal drinking water infrastructure with new digital smart water supply systems, with underground artificial intelligence, all set with digital smart controls. As I said earlier in the blog, they claim that this is due to old and weak infrastructure and lead poisoning, in our water, due to lead pipes. After everything we’ve discussed today, do we really believe that at this point? It’s very interesting that somehow Rome was able to build these amazing buildings, streets, and infrastructure that have lasted for hundreds of years, yet somehow we are always needing to replace ours here. It almost seems like there are people in charge of our infrastructure that are making lots of those dollar bills every time we need something replaced. Think Nokia cell phones from back in the day, those lasted years and years, compared to the average two year life span of smart phones today.

OK, so we know they are installing smart controlled water supply piping. Next on the list? In supposed water conservation efforts, they are giving Utah residents smart control state grants and rebates. You know, when they give back some of the money that they stole from you, as long as you do what they tell you to do with it?

These grants include installing smart controls in and around homes such as smart sprinklers, smart water faucets, smart washers, and smart toilets. Now, Utah doesn’t tell you this, but these smart toilets can track all of your biometric data such as your height, weight, and even if you are sick. Apparently they do this by scanning your anus which they are now calling an anal print. Yeah… totally not weird or creepy, right? In addition, they are giving grants and subsidies to developers who will include high-density affordable housing in their development plans (You know the thing we’ve all been asking about in regards to water conservation).

These plans would include a 25 percent reduction in side and back yards (no gardens for you). Now, I don’t know if you have ever seen high-density housing before, but I have, and the yards are already pretty close to non-existent as it is. They are also offering “flip your strip” and “local scapes” through the Utah Water Savers program (less plant life means less oxygen… this is so incredibly alarming). These programs include removing your grass and plants and replacing them with non-agricultural soils and lawn turf. Only specific types of botanicals are allowed to be planted and these plants have to be within the height and size requirements.

These programs are supposed to help with water conservation; that thing that we discussed that we don’t seem to need. Utah’s utility company annual reports even show that they have raised water costs, per legislative recommendation, to encourage water conservation. So, they are even trying to force us to use less water by raising water prices on us. Who gave them the authority to make that decision for us? I don’t remember giving them the go ahead on that. Do you?

Other than having artificial intelligence scanning us for our biometric data every day, we have digital smart systems/grids throughout every inch of our home water supply, extremely small areas for growing anything, and incentives to replace the areas that we do own where we can grow grass and plants. If we don’t actually need to be conserving water, what is all of this for? Let’s break it down.

If you weren’t already aware, they have already created a global digital utility grid.  The grid will be connected to everything in, what the World Economic Forum, and our state government are calling “smart cities.”  We will talk a lot more about those on another day.  For now, all you need to know is that smart cities will consist of smart homes, smart energy, smart electric transit, smart electric vehicles and charging stations, and of course, smart water (Hmm wonder what the Utah Inland Port be will be managing)? 

The Water Utility Asset Management will also use drones and AI to monitor your water usage.  It can detect leaks, water pressure, where water is being allocated to, how much water you are using, where in your house you are using it, and when you are using it in real time. (UIPA will be monitoring our storm water usage, or should we say the satellite Utah Inland Port).

In Utah, Rainwater Harvesting, Storm Water Capture Amendments, and State Water Policy Amendments, all under state code, require us to register to collect rain water on our own property.  We are only allowed to own two rain barrels that, together store no more than 2,500 gallons of water, to put to productive use (This is tyranny full stop).  Productive use means, drinking, watering the lawn, bathing, flushing the toilet, cooking, washing, and anything else that you need water to do.  What would happen if it doesn’t rain for weeks (which we already know they have the power to control if they want)?  Not only that, but, per state code, all rain water is considered property of the public which means “property of the government” to those involved in integrating all of this into our new way of living.  Puddles are considered public property, or property of the state, and according to state law, if you try to collect rain from a puddle, you can be charged with criminal penalties for theft (Does this sound like a free country to you)?  If you put any more than the allotted amount to productive use, you can also be charged with theft.  Code prohibits you from sharing or selling your water and from collecting water anywhere outside the boundaries that you are registered to collect rain in.  These bills were passed into law in 2010 and 2013.  They have been sitting there, waiting and ready to go when they want to utilize them.  Under law, all Utahns are at the mercy of government officials to allow us to provide the amount of water, for ourselves, that we need to survive.  In what backwards world does all of this make sense??

Do you remember an earlier video that we did on ESG?  If you haven’t watched it, you should.  This is where ESG kicks in (Of which the UIPA is very fond of).  If you are using more water than you are supposed to, they will digitally shut your water supply off.  If you aren’t up to date on the latest vaccine booster or calling people by their preferred pronouns… hello ESG or social credit scores for us mere people, goodbye water.  They will even have drones flying around making sure that you are behaving.  If you don’t believe me, just go look up what’s going on in China right now. 

California has passed a new law that requires them to pay for their own water that they get from water wells on their own land.  They have also already implemented the monitoring of this via drones.  Have you ever wondered why they make it so difficult to drill wells on your own land and why you have to register to do so?  Now they know if you have well water or not and can keep an eye on you to make sure you’re doing your part to “conserve water.” Any additional water you receive, than the amount they specify you can have, is to be released into the ground to “recharge our underground aquifers.”  In fact, the United Nations is participating in this surveillance through Earthworks, which includes satellite monitoring (hmm there it is again, UIPA is surely not going to use their satellites for anything similar…) 

They also talk about their desired global “sweeping water restrictions.”  In addition to drone and satellite monitoring, your friends and neighbors will also be able to report you if they see you wasting water or using more than you are supposed to.  Isn’t that fun? (Nazi Germany anyone?)  Yet, those sprinklers are always running full force at our state capitol and state government official’s homes.

Here is the kicker:  All of these water conservation programs are also targeting our ability to provide food for ourselves.  Removing all agricultural grass, plants, and soils from our properties, reducing the amount of water we can use to water our lawns and gardens, and killing off the fish in our lakes and rivers?  Why?  Have you heard about the food shortages due to climate change?  Interesting that they are cutting farmers off to fertilizer as well.  What about all those chicken and cow farms that keep getting burned down?  Do you believe those are really accidents?  Farmers all across the country received letters and subsidies from the federal government to destroy their crops.  Several of them made videos about their stories of this happening to them.  They even show their letters and instructions from the U.S. government in some of those videos.  Watch a compilation of some of them here.  In addition, why are dairy farms killing their cows

Governor Cox’s Envision Utah published their “Utah’s Vision for 2050” stating their vision for Utah’s water which includes their key strategies; one of those being to “significantly reduce the amount of agricultural water being converted to Urban uses,” which includes residential homes.  Sounds like a dictarorship.  Not only that, but Dane Wiginton’s documents also show that that our federal and state governments are augmenting our soils, sterilizing soils, and affecting root systems with chem trailing (wonder why all the autoimmune diseases are on a rise?)  

If that’s not bad enough, Cox, his cabinet, and our state legislators and senators are in unison with the encouragement of “community gardens.”  They are in every affordable housing, water, and agricultural Strategic Plan that you will read in Utah.  Not surprisingly, the United Nations and World Economic Forum love community gardens.  They have been pushing the idea of them for decades in their visionary BiodiverCities.  BiodiverCities are a combination of smart cities, green infrastructure and spaces, and ESG.  The World Economic Forum wants to see them in every local community, across the globe, by 2030.  They are starting to be advertised everywhere.  Utah has several programs encouraging the community to come together and help plant these gardens.  Seems like a great idea, right?  Except that these community gardens and “green spaces” are state owned gardens, meaning they are owned by the government and shared by the public

I have found some of Utah’s community garden contracts, and they aren’t very appealing.  First of all, you have to pay for a plot and you only get a small portion of the garden to plant in.  You are responsible for helping upkeep the entire garden; not the government who we are paying to maintain them.  You will have a limited amount of space to plant and will only be allowed to plant certain types of food with height and size requirements… you know, to conserve water.  Remember that thing called ESG/Social Credit Score?  If you don’t obey our new state Masters’ rules, your key will be taken away and you will be kicked out and locked out of the garden, leaving you no place to grow food for yourself.  You won’t be able to purchase food from their new indoor vertical farms, where they admittedly genetically modify the plants and food, either.  Have you ever wondered why Utah’s legislation and governor have partnered our land and water divisions to work together?  Now you know why.    

Utah has a problem.  Our government is coming for our water and food supply- which if we don’t have access to will kill us.  It seems that they are putting things in place to be able to cut us off from both of these resources at any given time that they deem necessary.  This isn’t really a place that I want to be heading towards, and we are at the edge of the cliff.  How about you?

So we need ALL OF YOU to stand up right now and email/ call your local and state representatives and demand this stop at once. I don’t care how much money they took, what contracts they signed, they NEVER GOT OUR PERMISSION for this. Those agreements are void! We do NOT CONSENT!


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Ditches of water, for miles and miles, on the way to the West Desert Pumps.  Pay attention to how still the water is:




At about 20 seconds in, we stop the car.  Notice how the water here is also completely still on the north side of the railroad tracks.  However, on the left side of the tracks, where the water flows to the west desert canals, the water is flowing west:


West desert pumps canals – water flowing through the pumps to the west canals into the desert.  Just to be clear, the blueprints for all the water supply pipes in Utah show no pipes connected to these canals:


World Economic Forum – Noah Harari – mentions standing at the gate to community gardens and deciding who can and can not come in (with ESG)

Minute marker 25:44


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