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Local Government vs Shadow Government

Did you know Utah passed HB22 and HB77 in 2023? These bills via one word swapped ALL our local districts over to special districts. They say it’s harmless, we disagree. If you are a city council or county council member we hope you’re aware and are looking into this. Through funding these give the federal government access to “…take the control of the district away from the county commission…” – Sen. Bramble referencing HB77 Greater Salt Lake Municipal Services District – Board of Trustees Meeting Date: 02/22/2023

Have you heard of public infrastructure districts (PIDs)?

  • MIDA (Military Installation Development Authority)
  • UIPA (Utah Inland Port Authority)
  • Utah Lake Authority
  • State Fair Ground Authorty
  • The Point of the Mountain (part of the 15 minute city the WEF wrote about)

Do you know how this is set up in Utah? It’s quite disturbing. Utahgovreports.org has some great links on this. We suggest you go look. Did you know they keep adding these “PIDs” on each year since 2019? Did you know those districts can tax? This goes along with our Property Ownership page as well, but these “Districts” being set up could potentially replace our government systems, and are contrary to representative government. We hope you decide to get involved and start engaging with your city council and county council members. 


SB295 (2023) is one of the most egregious bills we’ve ever seen. This bill was absolutely terrible. Luckily it failed; however, Sen. McCay is determined to bring it back for the 2024 session, allegedly. 

Sadly, most people in Utah do not understand PIDs, LIDs, Special Districts, and more. These are quasi/shadow governments. While certain special districts may be necessary, they should be far and few between. They should always be under the control of their local district. 

Please watch this video. We don’t agree with everything he says; however, he does a good job highlighting some key bills you should be aware of. 

This video higlights mega and super donors that should concern you. Utah not only has a shadown government (districts), but it has a major corporate fascism and stakeholder capitalism (crony capitalism), issue. 

These can’t continue in a true constitutional republic. Please research these, understand them, and please start speaking up against the subversion of our intended form of government: “For the people, by the people, of the people.” 

High Density Housing is being funded and put up all over Utah. We need to ask questions and look into if this type of housing is actually helping or hurting Utah. If it’s affordable like they say or the opposite, and if it’s actually what they people in the community want. 


What do you think Utah is doing? Is Utah using TIFs? (They are) What are they using them on?

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