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Digital ID/CBDC

Video explaining the Digital ID and it’s connection to the 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR). This must be stopped. 

Utah passed several alarming bills leading to digital IDs, none more egregious than HB470. HB470 won’t just open us up to the digital ID, but appears to give access to many other blockchain surveillance and control methods. We highly suggest you take a look at HB470, SB88 (from 2022 that was NOT passed due to public outrage,) and REAL ID laws.

Billboard Designs

Number 1: Why did Utah pass TWO of these? HB311 and SB152.

Number 2: This is censorship. It’s putting a threat and lock on the townsquare. Do you want to co-parent with the government? 

You give the government an inch they take a mile. This is catastrophic for freedom. 



Utah is working with Apple to get us on Digital IDs. They’re working on getting businesses to accept these, airports as well. You should pay attention to what is required to sign up, such as recording head movements and facial recognition. 

This is about SB88 which was shut down due to the public saying no, yet we now have it in HB470 – but we’d dare say worse. 

Please keep in mind they will likely force businesses to comply and ask for these. Think digital jab passport. We all know how that went in 2020. 

Utah is using this, please opt out. This is gross overreach from the government. Absolutely unacceptable. The more we go along with this the more they will push. We have to say no to some of this “convenience” in order to save our freedom. Are you a criminal? This is NOT innocent until proven guilty; his is guilty until you can prove your innocence. YOU DO NOT HAVE OUR PERMISSION TO OUR BIOMETRIC DATA. 


This bill did not pass it appears because it was attempting to protect the people. It’s baby brother that does very little to protect us SB34 (2021) did intstead. What Utah has done in regards to surveillance is not only invasive, it’s teetering on destroying personal freedom. We are turning into China part deux. Is that what you want Utah? Is this really for safety, security, and convenience? 

Did you know Utah was also pulling minors facial recognition and turning that information over? It was, why? 

Why do you think they went after the police? Why was “defund the police” called for? Why are several DAs across the country releasing hardcore criminals? Why are certain law enforcement agencies looking the other way about crime in certain areas? 

Might it be to create a problem and thus a demand for protection? Might it help rollout a tyrannical China-like surveillance state in the USA? 

You should question ANYTHING mentioning “safety,” “security,” and “convenience.” 


PREPARE Yourself!! Digital ID & CBDC Are Closer Than You Think!!

In this short clip, Patrick Bet-David, Michael Saylor, Tom Ellsworth and Adam Sosnick talk about whether CBDC will destroy bitcoin.

“Central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) are digital versions of cash that are issued and regulated by central banks. As such, they are more secure and inherently not volatile, unlike crypto assets. In this video, Andrew will be sharing his thoughts on Central Bank digital currencies. There has been a lot of concern among people that CBDCs will give governments unprecedented control over their money. However, Andrew wants to focus on facts rather than fear and discuss what CBDCs really mean for you. He will also provide insights on how you can protect yourself in this changing financial landscape.”



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