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This link helps expand on several key issues and we recommend you take a look here and this link will take you to a list of information on 5G and more

If you attended the event on the 13th you were given a handout and it goes here, on this page we will put links so you can go beyond the presentations you saw at the event. 

SmartGRID Information

Please watch this video from Aman Jabbi- the silicon valley whistleblower on what is coming if we don’t stop this. 

SB189- Made the 5g framework possible (read here) needs to be removed asap

What is happening to our Energy? Watch here

Utah is ushering in the 4th industrial revolution- per their own words- watch here

Energy and Utah part 2- read here

Energy and Utah part 1- read here

SmartGRID part 1- read here

SmartGRID part 2- read here

Envision Utah and SmartUTAH- read here

United Nations Infiltration of Utah- read here

SmartGRID watch here

Telosa- A 15 minute city of terrifying magnatitude – Utah is in the running to be the choice for this beast

5G – Part 1, and Part 2, and Part 3

Utah Connected- “Utah First Smart State” 

Video of our Governor discussing it. Key areas to listen are around 19:15 mins in, 25 mins in, 34 mins in, and at 46 mins in he explains the SMART plan. https://youtu.be/qAeAk9AHHeg

Worse the entire plan is listed here and has been since aroun 2017.

“Project Description


✔ Utah Connected moves closer to the first truly Smart State

The Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT), with its foundational statewide network of fiber and legacy advanced transportation infrastructure, an urban connected vehicle deployment currently in final testing, and robust set of traveler information systems and services, proposes to expand the principles of Smart City deployment to become the first true Smart State in the country. Utah Connected builds upon the established technical, institutional, and private sector strategic relationships established across the State and throughout the region to address traffic congestion, mobility, and public safety concerns.”

Digital ID/ DDL/mDL

Digital Driver’s License SB 88 (video)

REAL ID (blog)

SB 88 (Read the bill)

DDL and Digital ID Steamrolling Over Utah (video)

Facts about SB88 and mDLs (handout)

Digital ID or Digital Prison (video) *Explains everything. Must watch.

Digital ID and CBDC are Being Packaged Together Video

Adding your Digital ID to Apple Wallet- who Utah has contracted with- makes you record facial movements

Trusted Digital ID watch here

Better Identity blueprint for the USA– Concerning


One of the most important videos you will ever watch on the surveillance state takeover

This is listed above under SmartGRID as well but the grid and surveillance go hand in hand. Watch here

The most important article on this here- we must demand removal of this surveillance system – here

Do NOT get your eye scanned by TSA- watch video here

Surveillance of your children- this must stop- watch here

What happens when facial recognition fails? – read here

Facial Recognition Expose on Utah- read here

Videos on Surveillance and Utah here and here

Utah is ushering in the 4th industrial revolution- transhumanism- read here

One of Utahs first 15 minute cities- The Point- in their own words watch here

15 minute cities- watch here

Environmental Social Governance (ESG)

The Shadow State (documentary)

State Treasurer’s Website (many ESG awareness resources)

Episode 13: Social Credit Scores/ESG with Rep. Acton (video)

Social Credit Score

China’s Social Credit Score Explained (video)

Another Look Inside Life with a Social Credit Score (video)

Digital ID or Digital Prison (video goes in depth on social credit scores)

Data Privacy

HJR 10 Inherent and Inalienable Rights – DOES NOT GO FAR ENOUGH

SB 227 Consumer Privacy Act (read the bill) – DOES NOT GO FAR ENOUGH


  • Find out all the who (city or county official who authorized and who paid for these)
  • When (they were installed, approved), Why (what reasons they felt justified in doing this)
  • What (problem these devices reportedly solve, what proof they used to show this reasoning AND how we can counter those reasons)
  • Demand this surveillance grid be removed. We never gave consent to this, never authorized it and it’s violating the 4th amendment.
  • Remove Public Private Partnerships and NGOs- These are literally UN/WEF programs and they are actively pushing the UN Agenda 2030 (now 2025)- watch video on PPP here and NGO here


  • Ditch all unnecessary devices. Apple Watches, RING doorbells, Alexa, robotic vacuum cleaners, baby monitors, high-tech refrigerators. THESE ARE ALL EYES AND EARS RIGHT INSIDE YOUR HOME!
  • Shop local farmers for your vegetables, meat and dairy. Use thrift shops and smaller independent gas stations (yes you’ll usually pay a little more). It’s always better to buy with cash from a local mom and pop retailer who doesn’t have cameras on you from the time you walk into their store till the time you walk out.
  • Turn off routers before you go to bed at night.
  • Use Faraday bags for phones when traveling, but let’s be honest, we’re all going to have to destroy our cellphones at some point if we want to remain free.
  • Develop parallel systems, focusing on low tech alternatives.

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