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GRAMA Request Templates

Below is the video for the GRAMA training that Goud Maragani did on March 10th. We have also included templates you may use. 

Unfortunately during the 2022 Session our own “elected” represntatives decided to pass HB96 and SB254 which harm our access to information. We suggest your ask not only the reps who sponsored such bills why, but any that voted yes on these bills. While we understand some of the arguments for SB254 it’s far to broad. Side note we suggest you look at these two horrendous grama bills that did NOT pass (HB57 AND HB399) as they will likely try to bring them back.

To watch the video go here 

Templates below

Appealing Fee Template 1

Appealing Fee Template 2

Appealing Fee Template 3

Slides from the presentation



GRAMA to state legislature/legislator: https://le.utah.gov/documents/recordsrequests.htm

Here are a few websites with useful information for parents seeking information from schools:



This has some good information under parent resources that you would use to draft GRAMA requests- https://www.utahparentsunited.org/laverna.html 

The American Principles Project also has some good information that you could use to develop GRAMA requests: https://americanprinciplesproject.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/Common-Core-National-Curriculum.pdf

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