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Digital ID: Stand up Now!

Utah we need your voices like never before. We need you to research and understand what bill SB88 and Digital Drivers License can and will usher in to our state. 

Please show up Feb 7th at 3:40 p.m. to senate building room 110 and make your voices heard. Please be respectful and informative. This bill has passed the senate so this is literally our last chance with the legislature. We all know that Cox will sign this bill into law with no questions if it is passed. We will have a much bigger fight if that ends up happening. We must stop this here. More info is here and here and here

The State has already cut the deal with Apple Wallet– SO THEY ALREADY HAVE MADE THEIR CHOICE AND WE HAVE TO CONVINCE THEM TO UNMAKE IT. Let that sink in… the bill to make this happen hasn’t even passed our legislature, yet they made a deal without it being made law; without the public weighing in. How do you feel about that Utah? 

We haven’t even had our public hearing on the bill and the state has already made the deal



1. Are DDLs related to UN Agenda 2030 (Sustainable Dev. Goals SDG)?

A senator mocked their constituents on the senate floor while waving tinfoil to show how “conspiracy theorists” make tinfoil hat claims regarding the bill’s relation to the UN. 

Well the documented truth?  DDLs ARE RELATED to the UN SDG!

Please do your due diligence before mocking people.

2. Will DDLs remain voluntary, as claimed?

According to the current language of SB88, it seems that DDLs are optional.

The truth? THEY WILL NOT BE!!

3. Can you control what info you share via DDL?

The claim is that having a DDL will help you control what information you share.


  • The standards are set by ISO, which is a private international corporation.
  • Tech giants like Apple and Google can still access your info through the DDL
  • Handing over state IDs to federal hands under international standards will remove all guarantees about data privacy at the state level (Lines 267-270 of SB88)
  • Just like forced system updates in Microsoft, the app controls your info, not you!

The truth? You are NOT in control!

4. What about convenience?

Just like all tech, convenience is a tantalizing reason to accept the DDL. But just like the exchange of freedom for security, exchanging privacy for convenience is a slippery slope best avoided.

  • If it is really very convenient, why has Alabama rarely used its DDL since 2015?
  • True power of the DDL is only when it gets directly or indirectly interconnected and mandated.

Hence, the truth? You are being asked to give away your privacy for convenience.

Slightly different version of talking points:

1. “Privacy” Myth: SB88 cannot guarantee privacy because Utah’s mDL is determined by an international private corporation ISO due to compliance with 18013-5.


In addition, with the tie-up at the federal level TSA, federal rules come into play:


When contracted with private parties, a whole host of privacy issues arise as seen in the controversy with “ID.me” and the IRS:


2. “Convenience” Myth: This is a solution in search of a problem. Alabama had digital ID’s for 5 years and almost nobody needed it or used it. Convenience is not worth handing over our state ID to federal and international players.


3. “Optional” Myth: The AAMVA says: “It is anticipated that, for the time being, an mDL will be an option.” In addition, once an ID hits the federal level, there can be no control over this aspect, as seen in the case of REAL ID. It was only optional until it wasn’t.


4. “A small thing” Myth: This bill is not minor. It is part of a global push to create interconnected digital ID’s, and Utah is piloting it. India’s attempt at this, for example, created massive suffering for the poor, causing several deaths due to hunger because of not having the digital ID. China is using this to persecute a minority. Nigeria has already made digital ID mandatory.




Look at this specific paragraph:

GET Group North America is pleased to have been integral to the process and has remained steadfastly committed to ensuring our mDL technology for both issuers and verifiers is fully compliant with this standard. 

The state of Utah is conducting a pilot with our technology, which is the first pilot in the country to fully comply with ISO/IEC 18013-5. This compliance enables completely contactless, unequivocal confirmation of identity information without relying on visual inspection of an ID – which is subjective and difficult. 

Compliance with the standard will ensure mDLs and mIDs issued in one state will be recognized as legal forms of ID anywhere in the world. This is essential to the continued growth of a global mDL ecosystem.



Curious about the Digital Drivers License program Utah has put into place? If yes please continue below.

We have prepared this PPT presentation about the digital drivers license program here in this presentation we put the sources at the end for you to go and look at yourself. 

Some new information about digital certifications WHO COVID-19 Certs

Apple announces first states to adopt driver’s licenses and state IDs in Wallet

Bill information can be found here and here oh and here

We want to highlight something below:

“The Senate voted 24-0 to concur with House amendments to SB110, which now goes to Gov. Gary Herbert for his consideration. It would order the state to develop a pilot program for those licenses, and then implement a permanent program.” SLTrib


or this highlight

“SALT LAKE CITY, Utah — Utah’s Driver License Division is set to start a pilot with Mobile Driver’s Licenses and IDs.

The mobile IDs will be stored on an app, which is being called secure by the division’s director, Chris Caras.

“We wanted to make sure the technology was at a place that it really could facilitate that level of security and we believe that it’s at that stage now,” said Caras.

This will change the way Utahns travel, bank, buy alcohol, and comply with traffic stops.

A big difference between physical licenses or ID cards and digital ones is you can choose what information you share.”


I’m sure a lot of you are asking what the drawbacks are? It would awesome to have your DL automatically linked with your phone, no card to carry around etc. Sure, that can be nice. Let’s think though for a moment on what has happenened in 2020 and 2021 and ask ourselves a few questions:

What type of information can be accessed through this program and potential additions and outcomes:

·Driver’s License- duh 😉

·Health Records

·Vaccine Records

·Financial Reports

·Credit Scores

·Travel Records


·Vehicle Registration



·Sex Offender Status

·Licenses and Permits of all Kinds

·Dietary preferences

·Outstanding Parking Fines and Fees

·Background Checks

·Rewards Programs

·Social Credit Scoring

Do all of those things sound like information the government should have access and control over?

There are many more, quite serious, reasons to NOT do this as opposed to do it for simple convenience. The potential for intrusion and the loss of privacy and rights is the direction this will most likely go, and then it won’t stop until we no longer have autonomy to move freely without showing id.

We’ll let you decided what you think the best answer is, but we think something with the possibility of removing all freedom and autonomy needs to be completely removed, and we have to ask why our public servents, our representatives, thought this was a good program?



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