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The United Nations INFILTRATION of Utah

How and why a small, conservative state became a target and tool of a globalist takeover in America

When most people inside and outside of Utah describe it, they usually call it a place of conservative values, a place of natural beauty, open spaces, friendly people, and home of the LDS church. While this is true, there is a dark, sneaky underbelly that has been at work behind the scenes. Forces have been working hard to convert this state into a model for the UN plans and policies.

It takes little digging to understand that Utah has been hijacked by insiders and outsiders for this purpose. The proof is in the laws and policies that prove Utah test state for many mechanisms the UN is using widely to achieve their goals of global governance and control. They’ve done this by infiltrating a state that no one was paying attention to or could imagine would ever be implementing many socialist and/or communist agendas that take God, liberty, freedom and personal rights, out from under the residents.

The goal of this article is to inform the public of how, when, where, and who has done this, to wake up the people of Utah to be informed to have the knowledge to be able to confidently push back and say NO to these policies and programs. The state is nearly a communist outpost devoid of all the things we hold dear and precious as Americans.

In 2013, the Utah State Legislature went to work crafting a resolution “Rejecting the United Nations Agenda 21, both its intent and its potential for abuse.”

A resolution is not a law, and it has no teeth, but they did see a clear enough danger for Utah from Agenda 21 (now called Agenda 2030) to take the time and trouble to write, discuss, modify, and vote on supporting this resolution’s statements. Or maybe they were simply showboating.

Whatever their motivation, as you read in the actual document linked below, it is VERY clear that the legislature saw through the language of “sustainable development”, and into its nefarious intent.

SJR 11 2013 General Session- JOINT RESOLUTION ON ENVIRONMENTAL AND 2 DEVELOPMENTAL POLICIES (This joint resolution of the Legislature rejects United Nations Agenda 21 and urges 11 state and local governments across the United States to reject it.)

HIGHLIGHTS of this resolution:

-rejects United Nations Agenda 21, both its intent and its potential for abuse

– urges Utah’s state agencies and political subdivisions to not adopt or implement policy recommendations that deliberately or inadvertently infringe or restrict private property rights without due process;

-urges Utah’s state agencies and political subdivisions to not adopt or develop environmental and developmental policies that, without due process, would infringe or restrict the private property rights of property owners.

 -urges state and local governments across the United States to be well informed regarding the underlying harmful implications of implementing United Nations Agenda 21’s strategies for “sustainable development”.

 -urges state and local governments across the United States to not enter into any agreement, expend any sum of money, contract services, or give financial aid to those nongovernmental and intergovernmental organizations affiliated with Agenda 21.

-urges state and local governments across the United States to reject United Nations Agenda 21 and any grant money or financial aid attached to it;

and S.J.R. 11 Enrolled Copy urges support for locally directed regional planning efforts that protect local sovereignty and private property rights.

Clearly the Utah State Legislators at one time believed this encroaching agenda was so intrusive and dangerous that it went to the trouble of writing, voting on and putting through congress warnings for Utah residents.

But the state legislature wasn’t the first Utah governing body to take a stand against the UN and Agenda 21. In 2001, the city council of Laverkin, Utah, population 3400, adopted an ordinance banning the UN from the town. This was their attempt to ensure that Constitutional and gun rights would be preserved, at least in their town.

It’s apparent that at least early on and in the last 10 years, people and government have known the danger the UN and its infiltrations posed to Utah and America and took action to fight it.

It’s difficult to be that person or group that stands up to a threat that is difficult to see as real, and that is part of how the globalists behind Agenda 21 and it’s updated version, Agenda 2030 have had such success sneaking it past Americans and into our day to day lives. Maybe that’s why the resolution never turned into a law. It was threatening enough to go through this legislative exercise, but not worth the effort to put any muscle into and protect Utahns.

So why, just a few years later, can we clearly see that Utah has IGNORED these warnings and urgings?  Instead of protecting the people of Utah they have integrated many policies and initiatives into the state laws, policies, and bureaucratic legal verbiage.

Agenda 21/ 2030 Overview

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What is Agenda 21 and plan:  

Agenda 21 is a comprehensive plan of action to be taken globally, nationally and locally by organizations of the United Nations System, Governments, and Major Groups in every area in which human impacts on the environment.

Agenda 21 is a 300-page document that contains 40 Chapters which address virtually every facet of human life and contains detail as to how the concept of Sustainable Development should be implemented through every level of government. Agenda 21 is the “How To” document for Sustainable Development.

AGENDA 2030 “This Agenda is a plan of action for people, planet and prosperity. It also seeks to strengthen universal peace in larger freedom. We recognize that eradicating poverty in all its forms and dimensions, including extreme poverty, is the greatest global challenge and an indispensable requirement for sustainable development. All countries and all stakeholders, acting in collaborative partnership, will implement this plan. Presented in September of 2015 at the UN in New York city, it’s the extension, 15 year plan to get Agenda 21 a facelift and across the finish line.

Quotes about Agenda 21 and 2030

“Agenda 21 outlines, in detail, the UN’s vision for a centrally managed global society. This contract binds governments around the world to the UN’s plan for controlling the way we live, eat, learn, move and communicate – all under the noble banner of saving the earth. If fully implemented, Agenda 21 would have the government involved in every aspect of life of every human on earth” [source]].

“Make no mistake, this legislation is all about redistribution of wealth, restricting land use and forcing an UN-inspired, one-size-fits all, one world agenda on all of us. Our way of life has never been ‘good enough’ for the UN and the globalist toadies in our own government. They think we have too much wealth, use too much energy and take up too much space. Their response is to chop us down to size by ‘spreading the wealth’ around, along with restricting the size and type of houses we live in and the amount of land available to us for development”

– John Tate, President of Campaign for Liberty, quoted in: American Free Press, 04 October 2010, p.8.

“Participating in a UN advocated planning process would very likely bring out many … who would actively work to defeat any elected official … undertaking Local Agenda 21. So we will call our process something else, such as ‘comprehensive planning’, ‘growth management’, or ‘smart growth’

– Lawrence, J. Gary, ‘The Future of Local Agenda 21 in the New Millennium’ – The Millennium Papers, UNED-UK, Issue 2, (1998), p.3, quoted in Understanding Sustainable Development – Agenda 21 – A Guide for Public Officials, Prepared by Freedom 21, Santa Cruz, (01 January 2009), p.6.

“To make our physical environment more community-friendly, our homes, places of work, streets, and public spaces – whole developments, suburbs, and even whole cities – need to be designed to enhance the Communitarian nexus” [quoted in source].

“What this plan does is it destroys the concept of the nation-state and it completely destroys it and devolves it into the city-states or regions” [Rosa website]

“The common enemy of humanity is man. In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill. All of these dangers are caused by human intervention, and it is only through changed attitudes and behavior that they can be over come. The real enemy then, is humanity itself.” 

– Club of Rome

Origins of A21/2030 and Sustainable Development

Where did it start?

The term Sustainable Development was first introduced to the world in the pages a 1987 report (Our Common Future) produced by the United Nations World Commission on Environmental and Development, by Gro Harlem Brundtland, VP of the World Socialist Party.

The term was first offered as official UN policy in 1992, in a document called UN Sustainable Development Agenda 21, issued at the UN’s Earth Summit, today referred to simply as Agenda 21.

PLEASE NOTE: In 2015, it was updated and renamed to Agenda 2030, which incorporated many issues A21 said it would address but added the SDG goals and more. This article incorporates both Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030 together for the discussion as Agenda 21 information has been incorporated into the 2030 information.

What gives Agenda 21 any Authority?

Over 178 nations adopted Agenda 21 as official policy during a signing ceremony at Earth Summit.  Us president George H.@. Bush signed the document for the US.  In signing, each nation pledged to adopt the goals of Agenda 21.

In 1993 President Bill Clinton, in compliance with Agenda 21, signed Executive Order #12852 to create the President’s Council on Sustainable Development to “harmonize: US environmental policy with UN directives as outlined in Agenda 21.  The executive order directed all agencies of the Federal Government to work with state and local community governments in a joint effort to “reinvent” government using the guidelines outlined in Agenda 21.

The Four Parts of Agenda 21

Section 1 is titled Social and Economic Dimensions.

Details include,

  • international cooperation to accelerate sustainable development policies,
  • combat poverty,
  • changing consumption patterns,
  • protecting and promoting human health conditions,
  • and promoting sustainable development by integrating environment policy into development plans.


Section 2: is titled Conservation and Management of Resources for Development.

This section outlined plans for

  • promoting sustainable agriculture and rural development,
  • integrating those policies into planning and management of land resources,
  • enforcing sustainable policy into every body of water from seas to rivers and lakes, waste management,
  • and conservation of “fragile” ecosystems.

Section 3: is titled “Strengthening the Role of Major Groups.

Here we get into who was going to promote these policies in a divide and conquer tactic.

  • First, the infamous NGOs who wrote the document gave themselves a major role under the chapter entitled “Strengthening the role of non-governmental organizations: partners for sustainable development.”
  • But we were also to have “global action for women towards sustainable and equitable development.”
  • Next, children were specifically targeted to be promoters of sustainable development.
  • Another chapter outlined how to pull in local elected officials to promote support for Agenda 21 initiatives.
  • Each chapter in this section of the Agenda 21 document focuses on more individual interest groups needed to push the agenda, from business and industry, to science and technology to farmers. No stone was left unturned in this outline to reorganize human society.

Section 4:  Means of Implementation

Here, finally, are the details on how it was to be accomplished. As the individual groups are brought under the umbrella,

  • now the enforcers would focus on the financial resources,
  • transferring environmental technology into decision making,
  • and focusing on education process, not only for schools,
  • but also, for “public awareness and training.”
  • And then there are the necessary “International legal instruments and mechanisms.”

This is the complete and comprehensive outline for the agenda to transform all of humanity under the umbrella of globalism. And it was urgent that the agenda be enforced quickly because, we were facing an environmental Armageddon caused by selfish, uncontrolled, ignorant humans, unfettered in unenlightened nation-states.

“Current lifestyles and consumption patterns of the affluent middle class – involving high meat intake, use of fossil fuels, appliances, air-conditioning, and suburban housing – are not sustainable.” – Maurice Strong, Chairman UN Earth Summit 1992

“We must go through a wrenching transformation to rid us of the horrors of the Twentieth Century’s Industrial Revolution.” – Al Gore, Earth in the Balance

Understanding Agenda 21/30 Dogma

“3 E’s” or Pillars represent the “Sustainable Development Goals” (SGD) Dogma:
Ethical (social), Economic (justice), and Environmental (justice)

Ethical (Social equity) can be defined as the right and opportunity of all people “to benefit equally” from the resources afforded us by society and the environment.

Economic Justice can be defined as the equal ability of the individual or countries to gain wealth.

Environmental Justice says that man is responsible for all of nature’s woes. The presence of man on this planet is an Environmental Injustice.

The 3 E’s are a way to be sure no one has more than anyone else (unless you are a member of the elite), even if you are smarter, worked harder, took more risks, made all the right decisions, and sacrificed. Your very success is a social injustice.  Here’s a link to ‘Lesson 1’ on Agenda 21

REGIONALISM: How Global Change is Implemented Locally

It all starts from a political process called “Regionalism”. It is a method of restructuring or reinventing the OPERATION OF GOVERNMENT.

In that reinvention many things are changed from what we’ve known them to be from a representative government structure derived from the Constitution.


  • Destroys traditional political boundaries (county lines)
  • Ushers in a transformed type of governance that ultimately abolishes private property.
  • Alters transportation system
5 min VIDEO: Agenda 21, how to find it in your town

“No one fully understands how, or even if, sustainable development can be achieved. However, there is growing consensus that it must be accomplished at the local level if it is to be achieved on a global basis.”
The Local Agenda 21 Planning Guide, published by ICLEA, 1996

“Regionalism must precede Globalism. We foresee a seamless system of governance from local communities, individual states, regional unions, and up through the United Nations itself.” 
UN Commission on Global Governance

“We believe planning should be a tool for allocating resources…and eliminating the great inequalities of wealth and power in our society…because the free market has proven incapable of doing this.”
Statement of Principles, Plannersnetwork.org, American Planning Association.

KEY ORGANIZATIONS for Implementing Regionalism

The ICLEI – (formerly) International Council for Local Governments Environmental Initiatives, (now) Local Governments for Sustainability, Works with communities that pay ICLEI dues to provide “local” community plans, software, training, etc. Or it’s the place where local governments learn how to implement the “strategies” of the agenda to “reinvent” things from the ground up.

“Individual rights will have to take a back seat to the collective.”
– Harvey Ruvin (ICLEI)

Think of this organization as the storehouse of boilerplate solutions for “Change agents”. Their goal is to go into the member communities/governing bodies to “identify problems” and provide PREDETERMINED outcomes that advance Sustainable Development goals and policies. 

The local government policies that the ICLEI directs look like this:

This list provides a “filter” of sorts to see whether the policies and their implementation in your area could be driven by the ICLEI and the Sustainable Development goals. If these things are happening where you live, time to pay attention and asking questions of your local leaders. 

2 other (general) organizations involved in implementing regionalism are:

All are government-funded organizations work to control and direct local governments from behind the scenes. They do this by injecting the globalist agenda (sustainable development) into local and regional governments and by doing so negate our constitutional protections and system of government.

The Role and Function of Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO’s)

In addition, Non-Governmental Organizations, accredited by the UN, receive federal funding from American taxpayer dollars. These organizations, that are not government, can exert power over people, policies, and products as members.

NGO examples include: 

Environmental: National Audubon Society, The Sierra Club, Nature Conservancy, the American Farm Bureau Federation,

Education: National Teachers Association

Development: American Planning Association, American Planning Council, The Renaissance Planning Group aided by US Mayors Conference,

Government: International City/ County Management Group, National Governors Association, National League of Cities, National Association of County Administrators

In Utah specifically: Hinckley Institute (Robert H. Hinckley founded the Hinckley Institute of Politics in 1965 with the vision to, “teach students respect for practical politics and the principle of citizen involvement in government.” Since that time, the Hinckley Institute has provided a wide range of impactful programs for students, community leaders, and the public.)

The Hinckley Institute is dedicated to engaging students in transformative experiences and providing political thought leadership. 

This list is not complete, there are many more private organizations and official government agencies. Foundation and government grants drive the process. These include a group of tax-exempt foundations like the McArthur Foundation, the Turner Foundation, the Carnegie Foundation, the James Irvine Foundation, Pew Charitable Trusts, the David and Lucille Packard Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation, Community Foundations and many more.

NGO’s often form public-private partnerships with federal agencies which allows a business to benefit from government benefits like massive tax breaks, but also to tap into the inherent power from those agencies to change policy from the inside.

Assisted by groups like ICLEI, Sustainable Development is now emerging as government policy in every town, county, and state in the nation, all the while circumventing representative government and ultimately, the Constitution. It sets up “another trademark of Agenda 21 and the sovietization of America…  Unelected bodies of individuals overriding elected representatives of the people.Check this link from Defending Utah

Public Private Partnerships:

These are private organizations that align with a government entity. For example, the CDC and the CDC Foundation, work together. For government agencies, it brings in funding for projects that would otherwise not be possible. For the private companies, it provides them with tax benefits, political connections, and untold amounts of political influence that in turn will increase a company’s financial bottom line.

In practice, infrastructure ownership has been distributed as follows:

  • State and Local Ownership. State and local governments own most of the highways, water utilities, and transit systems. Schools and prisons are also usually owned by state and local governments, although some are federally or privately owned.
  • Federal Ownership.The federal government provides other kinds of infrastructure. For example, it owns and operates much of the air traffic control system through the Federal Aviation Administration and builds dams and locks administered by the Army Corps of Engineers. Some infrastructure is provided by government corporations such as the Tennessee Valley Authority. (Government corporations typically provide a market-oriented public service and produce revenues to offset some of their expenditures.) In some cases, the federal government retains ownership of facilities that serve a government mission, such as low-activity air traffic control towers and research facilities like the Jet Propulsion Laboratory but aims to realize management efficiencies by contracting with a private company for their operation.
  • Private Ownership. The private sector owns and operates much of the telecommunications infrastructure and some of the energy infrastructure. Private companies provide telecommunications and broadband Internet connections (in some cases subject to regulation by the Federal Communications Commission) to communities throughout the country.1Private companies also provide pipelines for moving oil and natural gas. Many local electric utilities are privately owned as well (although some are owned by local government entities).2 In addition, privately owned drinking water systems (which are different from public-private partnerships because they are owned privately outright) serve between 10 percent and 15 percent of the population.

In a speech at the Freedom 21 National Conference in Dallas in 2007, Tom DeWeese, president of American Policy Center, noted:

During the first years of the Clinton Administration in the early 1990s, there was much fanfare about a new policy to “reinvent government.” It was sold as a way to make government more efficient and less costly. It would, said its proponents, “bring business technologies to public service.”

Pro-business, anti-big-government conservatives and libertarians were intrigued. The backbone of the plan was a call for “public/private partnerships.” Now that sounded like their kind of program.

Government, they said, would finally tap the tremendous power of the entrepreneurial process and the force of the free market into making government more effective and efficient. It sounded so revolutionary and so American.

Common Terms
for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

To build awareness of the infiltration, its important to become familiar with the agenda’s lingo and verbiage. Anytime you read or hear these words, it should start to perk your ears that the info presented is in line with or stealthily promoting the A21 or A2030 goals and objectives.

Sustainable Development is the action plan implemented worldwide to inventory and control all land, all water, all minerals, all plants, all animals, all construction, all means of production, all energy, all education, all information, and all humans in the world.

All indications are that this will eventually lead us to a world where we are controlled by our “Personal Carbon Allowance” to access food, travel, goods, interactions etc. AKA Social Credit Scores (happening in China currently), Canada is planning to implement a similar program soon.

The U. N’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

While these all sound nice and helpful, nefarious alternate agendas underlie the flowery words and catchphrases. Here is a chart of the 17 SDGs, their definition, translation of what it means to we the people, and links to examples of how it’s already being implemented in the world over the last few decades. Notice the again vague language that can’t be quantified but can be applied to whatever public activity they choose. It’s by design to lure people into accepting these goals without divulging their true intentions.

Every one of these programs outlined in the 2030 Agenda creates money, power and unaccountability at every level of government. That is why government is now running out of control and people are feeling so hopeless in trying to deal with their governments


Source 1   Source 2

1. End Poverty

End hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture

Universal Basic Income (UBI) Everyone goes on gov’t welfare, food stamps, housing subsidies. Become apathetic to work and life. Live like a victim, obedient to government.
Kills small business Redistribution of wealth=Government-sanctioned theft. Results in an endless cycle of poverty that will consume the middle class.
Centralized banks, IMF, World Bank, Fed to control all finances, digital one world currency in a cashless society

2. Zero Hunger

End hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture

The UN to control the food supplies. Use only UN-controlled GMO and patented seeds, use herbicides to increase production, control nutrient content, experiment on changing nature, harm natural ecosystem. Sustainable farming tactics which have proven to force up food production costs and lower yield. Future food sources put in the hands of politically connected bureaucrats.

3. Good Health and Well Being

Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages

Cradle to grave control over how we live and what we eat. Mandate vaccines for existing and emerging threats, by coercion. Push medication on population and call it “prevention” to improve health. Mass vaccination, Codex Alimentarius. Force us out of cars, and into walking, and biking as we are relocated to high rise buildings sanctioned by government.

4. Quality Education

Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all

Promote dumbing down education like common core, lower education standards that train drones, not independent thinkers. Keep the REAL history and structure of the US hidden so no one questions. Behavior modification over time in schools to derive the desired attitudes, beliefs in order to live in a global village.

5. Gender Equality

Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls

Criminalize Christianity, marginalize heterosexuality, demonize males, promote the LGBTQ agenda everywhere. Goal: to feminize society, gentle obedience, promote communal property and sharing everything, suppression of the male energy more likely to revolt against oppression and fight for rights.

6.  Clean Water and Sanitation

Ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all

Put powerful corporations in charge of the world’s water supplies, monopolize and control pricing to “build new water delivery infrastructure that ensures availability” Privatize all water sources, don’t forget to add fluoride. EPA moving to control all the water in the country. Control the water, control the people.

7. Affordable and Clean Energy

Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all

Penalize fossil fuels, push (doomed-to-fail) green energy subsidies headed by corrupt friends of the leaders.
Smart grid with smart meters on everything, peak pricing.

8. Decent Work and Economic Growth

Promote sustained, inclusive, and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all

Push small business out of existence, by mandated min wages, quotas of minority workers required to hire, destroy free market economies, deny permits to companies who don’t obey government “rules”. TPP, free trade zones that favor megacorporate interests. Who defines and decides on what is “productive” or “decent” work? Do we leave it to bureaucrats, the unelected to decide?

9. Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure

Build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization and foster innovation

Nations go into debt because they hire American Corporations To build “infrastructure” that trap countries into endless debt. Toll roads, push public transit, remove free travel, environmental restrictions. Government doesn’t currently create industry or prosperity and is a job killer when it gets in the way.

10. Reduced inequalities

Reduce inequality within and among countries

Punish the rich, the entrepreneurs, and innovators, by confiscation. Redistribute that wealth to the masses of non-workers.   Even more regional government bureaucracy like a mutant octopus. Another redistribution of wealth strategy.

11. Sustainable Cities and Communities

Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable

Drive everyone into densely packed, tightly controlled and 24/7 surveilled cities, restrict resources to rural areas, ban land ownership, ban gun ownership, create government-owned “protected areas” not accessible for people to live on. Big brother big data surveillance state. Means the end of private property rights, single family homes, and stacked high rises with high rent.

12. Responsible consumption and production

Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns

Levy of punitive taxes on fossil fuels, and electricity that will worsen standards of living. Shaming people into use gas, water or electricity. Train people to tattle and rat out neighbors for “offences”. It’s top down control.

13. Climate Action

Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts
Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts

Energy usage quotas per person, with punishments or criminalizing lifestyle choices.
Total surveillance of the population to track usage. Penalize private vehicle ownership, push toward all public transportation, overseen by TSA, with cameras, facial recognition, recording of movements. Cap and Trade, carbon taxes/credits, footprint taxes (aka Al Gore’s wet dream). The root of their entire plan.

14. Life below Water

Conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources for sustainable development

Ban most ocean fishing, plunging the food supply into an extreme shortage and causing runaway food price inflation that puts even more people into economic desperation. Criminalize the operation of private fishing vessels and place all ocean fishing operations under the control of government central planning. Only allow favored corporations to conduct ocean fishing operations (and make this decision based on which corporations give the most campaign contributions to corrupt lawmakers). Environmental restrictions, control all oceans including mineral rights from ocean floors.

15. Life on Land

Protect, restore, and promote sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems, sustainably manage forests, combat desertification, halt and reverse land degradation and halt biodiversity loss

Forcing humans off the land, into controlled cities. Will criminalize private land ownership, ranches, and agricultural tracts. Ag. Controlled via corporations and gov’t bureaucracy. More environmental restrictions, more controlling resources and mineral rights.

16. Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions

Promote peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development, provide access to justice for all and build effective, accountable and inclusive institutions at all levels

Granting immunity to illegal aliens, protected minority groups free to engage in illegal activity (public destruction, murder of police). Inclusive institutions= granting corps that hire members of “protected” groups in favor with the central gov. planners. UN “peacekeeping” missions (ex 1, ex 2), the International Court of (blind) Justice, force people together via fake refugee crises and then mediate with more “UN peacekeeping” when tension breaks out to gain more control over a region, remove 2nd Amendment in USA. Social Justice =Social Engineering.

16. Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions

Promote peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development, provide access to justice for all and build effective, accountable and inclusive institutions at all levels

Granting immunity to illegal aliens, protected minority groups free to engage in illegal activity (public destruction, murder of police). Inclusive institutions= granting corps that hire members of “protected” groups in favor with the central gov. planners. UN “peacekeeping” missions (ex 1, ex 2), the International Court of (blind) Justice, force people together via fake refugee crises and then mediate with more “UN peacekeeping” when tension breaks out to gain more control over a region, remove 2nd Amendment in USA. Social Justice =Social Engineering.

17. Partnerships for the Goals.

Strengthen the means of implementation and revitalize the global partnership for sustainable development

Enact global trade mandates that override national laws while granting unrestricted imperialism powers to companies like Monsanto, Dow Chemical, RJ Reynolds, Coca-Cola and Merck. Pass global trade pacts that bypass a nation’s lawmakers and override intellectual property laws to make sure the world’s most powerful corporations maintain total monopolies over drugs, seeds, chemicals, and technology. Nullify national laws and demand total global obedience to trade agreements authored by powerful corporations and rubber-stamped by the UN. Remove national sovereignty worldwide, promote globalism under the “authority” and bloated, Orwellian bureaucracy of the UN-to be global law.

The 21/2030 Agenda has the exact opposite goals as the Founding Fathers had for our country. Read the differences in the philosophy of rights in the chart below to gain a clearer reason of how and why.

The UN Agendas and Objectives Visible in Utah

Keep in mind there are 6 main issues the proponents of the SDGs and the UN use to convince legislators, and local governing bodies to agree to their invasive policies.

  1. Global Warming: It’s because all of Agenda 21/Sustainable Development policy is built on the premise that man is destroying the Earth. Climate Change is their “proof.” To eliminate that premise is to remove all credibility and purpose for their entire agenda. Climate Change is the desperately needed excuse for Agenda 21.
  2. Fear of over populationis the central driving force behind nearly every Sustainable policy initiative. It’s the real force behind Stack and Pack Smart Growth cities. A massively reduced population is the only way Agenda 21 could ever work.
  3. The destruction of the free market system: Redistribution of wealth is behind every policy that comes out of the UN, and now every level of American government. Free Enterprise must be stopped under Agenda 21.
  4. Cheap Energy is the enemy of the Earth: according to some anti-energy advocates, the fear of cheap energy goes beyond environmental protection, as sound economics will show that energy availability helps build opportunity and freedom of action for individuals and removes them from the rolls of the dependent – the opposite goal of sustainable policy. How can they ever enact Agenda 21 if people are free to move bout on their own?
  5. Common Core: To “reform” a nation created on the ideals of limited government, free enterprise, and individual liberty, turning it into one that unquestioningly accepts government top-down control will take time and a determined effort.

Because today’s public education system is also designed to strip the children of their attitudes, values, and beliefs that parents may have instilled, and indoctrinate them into accepting global values – global citizenship, and a global economy based on the sustainable agenda.

There’s no room in a Sustainablist society for those who believe that we were born with our rights and that government’s job is to protect those rights. That’s selfish! The sustainable system says government will grant us our rights so we’re all equal. To enforce Agenda 21 we must transform our citizens in to global village idiots.

  1. Healthcare: “Sustainable Medicine”, matches nearly every provision in Obamacare. It decides through visioning councils that determine what shall be done, or not done, to each body in its group in its native habitat. Sustainable medicine is the pivot around which all other Sustainable Development revolves.

Principle #1 of the Rio Declaration that introduced Agenda 21 is that all humans must live in harmony with nature. The translation means rationing healthcare, low technology for health-care treatment and emphasis on medical care does not cure. And that will lead to population reduction, as called for in Agenda 21.


Recognizing Agenda 21/20 Terminology and Tactics Locally

Once you’ve understood the big picture, this is where we need to focus our attention to our own backyards, to figure out where and how they are being run according to this global agenda.

To do this, it’s important to define and expand on what these common buzz words mean. Remember, their mantra they lull us with is, “Think Globally, act LOCALLY” . Becoming aware of what is happening locally means we can affect change where we are and then we can stop what is happening globally.

Terms to understand:


  • condos built in the center of your town recently.  Over the last ten years there has been a ‘planning revolution’ across the US.  Your commercial, industrial, and multi-residential land was rezoned to ‘mixed use.’
  • ground floor retail with two stories of residential above.  Mixed use.  Hard to finance for construction, and hard to manage since it must have a high density of people to justify the retail.  A lot of it is empty and most of the ground floor retail is empty too. High bankruptcy rate.
  • So what?  Most of your towns provided funding and/or infrastructure development for these private projects.  They used Redevelopment Agency funds.  Your money.  Specifically, your property taxes.  Notice how there’s little money in your General Funds now, and most of that will pay Police and Fire?  Your streetlights are off, your parks are shaggy, your roads are pot-holed, your hospitals are closing.
  • the Redevelopment Agency.  It’s the only agency in government that can float a bond without a vote of the people.  And they did that, and now you’re paying off those bonds for the next 45 years with your property taxes.  
  • Redevelopment is a tool used to further the Agenda 21/2030 vision of remaking America’s cities. With redevelopment, cities have the right to take property by eminent domain—against the will of the property owner and give it or sell it to a private developer.
  • The money gets redirected into the Redevelopment Agency and handed out to favored developers building low-income housing and mixed use. Smart Growth. Cities have had thousands of condos built in the redevelopment areas.
  • Rural property is more and more restricted in what uses can be on it.
  • many regulations restricting water and land use (there are scenic corridors, inland rural corridors, bay lands corridors, area plans, specific plans, redevelopment plans, huge fees, fines) that farmers are losing their lands altogether.  County roads are not being paved. The push is for people to get off the land, become more dependent, come into the cities.  

  A fancy word for lobbying, influencing, and maybe strong-arming the public and politicians.

  • groups such as Complete Streets, Thunderhead Alliance, and others, have training programs teaching their members how to pressure for redevelopment, and training candidates for office.  It’s not just about bike lanes, it’s about remaking cities and rural areas to the ‘sustainable model’.
  • High density urban development without parking for cars is the goal.
  • Slowly, people will not be able to afford single family homes or private cars.  They will be more dependent.  More restricted. More easily watched and monitored.


GLOBAL GOVERNANCE:  “Under the guise of “sustainable development” and saving the planet from destruction, the U.N. is pushing Agenda 21, a plan to collectivize private property globally, reeducate the world into a single, globalist mindset, and eventually depopulate the world. And one way the U.N. is ushering in Agenda 21 is through the vehicle of global warming and environmental destruction, two issues it says must be addressed globally.

The goal is to have a One World Government, run on collectivism not independence, private ownership, and capitalism.

SUSTAINABLE:  (= Globalism)

“All countries and all stakeholders, acting in collaborative partnership, will implement this plan… We are determined to take the bold and transformative steps which are urgently needed to shift the world onto a sustainable and resilient path. As we embark on this collective journey, we pledge that no one will be left behind.”


For reasons not yet clear, the state of Utah has become a UN stronghold, and willingly so. For nearly a decade, the state has been creating policies and even some laws that reflect infiltration by UN/Agenda 2030 goals. It’s important to understand that inhabitants of the state have been informed in subtle, even celebratory ways, that the state is “leading the way in sustainability and conservation”, leaving the residents to think their lawmakers and public servants have the best in mind for the future of the state and the world.

Following the SDGs does nothing to benefit the people, or the resources. It’s all about take over and control of the people. Those in power have made it so easy and comfortable to accept. It’s not been noticeable to anyone who either wasn’t paying attention or wasn’t aware of it. Becoming informed and activated in Utah, could rewind and repeal many of these detrimental policies and political alignments.

There are 7 main areas taken over and controlled by a takeover of Utah (state, county, and city levels) by those implementing the UN mission and goals of Agenda 21/2030 and how they materialized. These are:

  • Elections (laws, redistricting, technology),
  • Education (curriculum, and indoctrination, social justice issues, Equity over Equality),
  • Commerce (regulating business, mega monopoly corporations influencing government policy),
  • Infrastructure (Smart cities connecting devices and people to the IOT, 5G implementation, Mobile Drivers Licenses, Redevelopment/Rezoning, Construction of Multi-Family Housing Units (with or without lower-level retail space),
  • Resources (food, farms, land control, and water),
  • Government Overreach (the power moving from the people to the governments at the Federal, State, County and even the city levels- creating City-States soon to be renamed “districts” of larger urban areas and less)
  • Immigration (Re-settling Middle Eastern refuges in conservative states with little to no vetting or processing which changes the population, adds potential legal or illegal voters, takes jobs away from Americans, exerts a larger burden on resources, overburdens schools, influences and dilutes American culture, and threatens the preservation of American values and English as the national language).

Regionalism in Utah

Back in the section on Regionalism, there were 2 types of organizations that are important to see in action in Utah. It’s the state version of Regionalism. Here’s how it’s set up:

Let’s look at the Council of Governments (COG) and Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO). Sounds benign, even useful, right?

A quick search for Utah Council of Government yielded a link to an organization called: Wasatch Front Regional COUNCIL (emphasis mine). From the About page:

As a reminder,

COG and MPO’s are government-funded organizations working to control and direct local governments from behind the scenes
They do this by injecting the globalist agenda (sustainable development) into local and regional governments and by doing so negate our constitutional protections and system of government.
Here’s the Wasatch Front Regional Council 2021 Source of Funds budget page:

Initiatives, Laws, Organizations (NGOs), Public-Private Partnerships in Utah



Remember: UN Agenda 21/Sustainable Development is a global plan implemented locally. Over 600 cities in the U.S. are members. (The costs are paid by taxpayers.)

  • NGO’s (Non-Governmental Organizations) affecting Utah. NGOs are regionalized groups (organizations that represent authority above individual municipalities or states).


  • Council of Governors: Those set to take over state power in the event of a “national emergency” through FEMA.


Utah has a lot to share at the UN Meeting it’s hosting-Article

Why the UN meeting is Utah and not in New York for the first time-Article

UN Violates US Sovereignty by Occupying Utah-Article

Provo sells it soul to the UN-Article

Colleges Involved: UVU, Univ. of Utah, Weber State.

Names to know:

Smart Cities, why they are a DUMB idea for America

Most people in America know the term “smart” referring to a device or technology we can use to make our lives easier, all automated or assisted by devices and their capabilities.

“A smart device is an electronic device, generally connected to other devices or networks via different wireless protocols such as Bluetooth, Zigbee, NFC, Wi-Fi, LiFi, 5G, etc., that can operate to some extent interactively and autonomously…. The term can also refer to a device that exhibits some properties of ubiquitous computing, including—although not necessarily—Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Smart devices can support a variety of factors, a range of properties pertaining to ubiquitous computing and to be used in three main system environments: physical world, human-centered environments, and distributed computing environments. (Source)

Smart devices you may have heard of or own:










Speakers (Alexa)



Accessing or operate these devices remotely offers convenience and peace of mind for many. But have you ever stopped to think who else might have access to your home or your private information, including conversations because of those devices? Don’t they have to be tied in somewhere to relay information to YOU?

Now imagine the capability these devices on a much bigger, citywide perspective. Everyone living in a city or a region as (Agenda 2030 has set it sights on doing) and everyone, everything and every MOVE being connected and recorded to the grid (known as The Internet of Things -IOT) and Artificial Intelligence and blockchain technology

In a region or city, these “smart” devices are being installed and information relayed and tracked through a broad net of “sensors” strategically placed everywhere, under the guise of efficiency, quality of urban services and sustainability.

Smart Devices like:

  • Smart Parking meters (city-wide wifi)
  • Smart Grids
  • Smart Data
  • Smart Food production
  • Smart Lighting and Energy Control
  • Smart Transportation: Driverless vehicles (cars, taxis, public transportation.)
  • Smart Airplanes
  • Smart Antenna (5G and Higher)
  • Smart Sanitation Services
  • Smart Waste Management
  • Smart Traffic Control
  • Smart Air Quality

Salt Lake City is on course to implement infrastructure, technology, and policy to turn it into a Smart City. Read more about what is being planned, approved, and implemented in the links for each topic. Smart cities sound like an amazing way to make things easier to live in a city. Remember that every time something is promoted to us from government that highlights “convenience”, it usually has a price to pay in exchange. Here, our privacy rights and protections will be compromised in this UN oriented plan for the world, including Salt Lake City and even Park City/Summit County.

  • Housing Plan (2017)- Link
  • Utah Smart Cities Directory-Link
  • Includes any companies involved in the Utah IOT, Gigabit or Smart Cities Meetup Conference or other programs.
  • Smart Cities Council Fed. Grant (UT 2015) –Link
  • Utah Smart City and IOT Projects- Link
  • UDOT expands smart Mobility Initiatives-Link
  • Billionaire scouting Utah as a location for a 50,000 person/1500 acre Utopian Smart City-Link
  • Smart Growth America.org-Link


Smart City EXAMPLE: Smart City Plan for Las Vegas
Las Vegas (2017), “The same traffic and analytic cameras also allows us to look at the intersections and see if someone leaves a backpack behind, something that’s out of character. Also using a “innovation district”.

The City of Las Vegas will be soft launching a smart city tie-in app called Go Vegas in August to provide mapping, weather, parking, and traffic information to residents. The city will also gather information from the app’s users to analyze how it can be improved and individualized.

“We’ll start building profiles on individuals, so if we know you use a certain parking lot every week, and that lot is going to be resurfaced or closed for a special event, we’ll be able to send you a push notification letting you know about another lot that’s available.”

“The chaotic growth of cites will be replaced by a dynamic system of urban settlement…The region is formed by the economic interdependence of its development… The region has a single system of transportation, a centralized administration, and a united system of education and research.”
Soviet Russian architect Alexei Gutnov.  The Ideal Communist City. 1968

So, how are all these cities being connected and running all the objectives together?

Introducing: The Internet of Things (IOT)

A Smart City could not work without the Internet of Things (referred to going forward as IOT).

THE IOT- The Internet of Things, or IoT, refers to the billions of physical devices around the world now connected to the internet, all collecting and sharing data. It’s possible to turn anything, from something as small as a pill to something as big as an airplane, into a part of the IoT./ The success or failure of the Internet of Things hinges on big data,” says Brian Hopkins, an analyst with Forrester Research. Just like with any big-data play, merely collecting the data isn’t enough. The data must be processed and analyzed to glean insights, and those insights must drive actionable steps that can improve the business.

The internet of things, or IoT, is a system of interrelated computing devices, mechanical and digital machines, objects, animals or people that are provided with unique identifiers (UIDs) and the ability to transfer data over a network without requiring human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction.

thing in the internet of things can be a person with a heart monitor implant, a farm animal with a biochip transponder, an automobile that has built-in sensors to alert the driver when tire pressure is low or any other natural or man-made object that can be assigned an Internet Protocol (IP) address and is able to transfer data over a network.

Internet of Things is a world where everything around us like phones, TV’s, lights, refrigerators, AC’s, automobiles etc. are monitoring, sensing, and interacting among themselves with or without human control.

It is the basis for how the Smart Cities will be connected and functioning through all areas of urban living for services, communication, transportation, and human surveillance.

While fans of convenience and people who love technology and gadgets may applaud and support this type of living condition, there are MANY dangerous and intrusive aspects to the IOT. Most importantly, the protection of our privacies.

“Well, the IoT is not just a new insecure space, he said, “it’s a Frankenbeast of technology that links network, application, mobile, and cloud technologies together into a single ecosystem, and it unfortunately seems to be taking on the worst security characteristics of each.” LINK

The Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) which last year came up with a list of 10 key issues around the IoT. These were:

  1. Insecure web interfaces
  2. Insufficient authorization or authentication
  3. Insecure network services
  4. A lack of transport encryption
  5. Concerns over privacy
  6. Insecure cloud interfaces
  7. Insecure mobile interfaces
  8. Insufficient allowance for configuring security systems
  9. Insecure software and firmware
  10. Poor physical security

Thankfully in 2019 the Utah State Legislature put protections in place when it comes to obtaining private information through House Bill 57 2019, it still can’t account for the inherent risks in an entity as large and connected at the IOT in a large city or “region”.

Though the Internet of Things Serves as the information Hub for Smart Cities and Regions, it is not what powers and drives it. The IOT needs a way to be connected to all the devices designed to communicate to and through it.

The Role of 5g

This is where 5G comes into play. If you use a smart device like an iPhone or an Android, you know the different service and connectivity levels available from area to area. What you may not know is what 5g is and what it does for us and to us.

When cell phones first came on the scene in the late 80’s, they were clunky and only able to perform voice calls. 1g (1st generation wavelength/frequencies) ran on a long wavelength type, as long as yards. Next came 2g, which was stronger and shorter and allowed talk and text. At 3g, we could do talk, text and some, slow video. These worked as slower wave lengths of 600-900mhz. These signals could go further and deeper into structures.

When we moved to 4g, it was a big jump, and it’s when we started having more stable and viable video playback. Now, we have moved into the “fastest” (a big selling point) service yet, 5g. Both 4 and 5g operate at higher, faster wavelength frequencies of 20ghz (gigahertz) and higher. Currently Verizon in California runs at 28ghz, and ATT at 39ghz.

For reference, there is a crowd disbursement weapon that will burn human skin after just 2 seconds, it runs at 90ghz. The 5g devices we hold in our hands and stare at for hours, can heat up and burn skin. The radiation coming off the devices can affect your eyes and brain. (Source)

What does all this mean? As this chart shows, the higher the frequency, the more negative effects it can have on a living thing.

Thousands of studies link low-level wireless radio frequency radiation exposures to a long list of adverse biological effects, including: (Link to full document)

DNA single and double strand breaks
Oxidative damage
Disruption of cell metabolism
Increased blood brain barrier permeability
Melatonin reduction
Disruption to brain glucose metabolism
Generation of stress proteins

Let’s not also forget that in 2011 the World Health Organization (WHO) classified radio frequency radiation as a possible 2B carcinogen.  All of that is scary, but that is not all we have to worry about. Enter, the 5g tower.

5g Tower Dangers

The next hazard to consider is how we connect to 5g and that is through a myriad of towers increasing in every area every month. Not only are 5g devices hazardous to our health, but the towers are as bad or worse. I bet if you haven’t seen them, you’ll notice them all around now.

“Every cell tower in your neighborhood emits radio frequency (RF) radiation. Radiation causes cancer. By 2021, every city will have 5G towers and cell stations. These devices will be on the top or side of millions of buildings throughout the world.

The wireless industry is not just building an infrastructure that provides faster downloads; it’s building a global microwave oven.

Yes, 5G towers and mini-stations are extremely dangerous. Not only are the shorter millimeter waves more hazardous to human beings, because of the intensity of the technology, but it will also require millions of more mini cell towers than before, potentially one tower per 2 to 8 houses. This means a human being’s RF radiation exposure will not only increase, but it will also exponentially increase within months.

These towers are not only dangerous; they’re lethal – and should be considered a crime against humanity.” (Source)

Where the 5g towers permits are in Utah around Salt Lake City:

Sadly, the legislators seem to be part of the problem in providing an open path to integration of Smart Cities, the IOT, 5g and the proliferation of more 5g tower installs throughout the state.

  • 5G Public Private Partnership for Utah: Wireless Network Providers
  • 5G Technology Manufacturers and Service Providers
  • Utah’s Research and Development, and Education and Healthcare Testbed Entities
  • Utah IoT Manufacturers
  • Utah RF Experts
  • Edge Computing Developers
  • Spectrum Owners
  • Software Developers and Communities
  • Governor’s Office of Economic Development
  • Related Trade Associations
  • Regional Venture and Angel Capital Resources

Where This is All Leading?

While the UN would never express their true intentions explicitly, there are many people who have been able to take what the UN has written and said and observed how it’s been implemented for decades to understand what kind of world the UN has planned through it’s SDG Goals. It’s intricately tied in with the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) Great Reset.

The ultimate goal is for the UN to be THE government for the world, to make all persons on the planet equal in finances, living conditions, and opportunity by taking from the wealthier nations and giving to the poorer ones. To control the people, their plans include:
Reducing the worldwide population (under the guise of protecting resources,

Taking over public and rural land, to move people into urban “regions” where they will live in Smart Cites that will track, trace and surveil everyone’s entire life and record it.

Under the ruse of Climate Change goals, the UN will see to it that each person will be connected to the IOT through digital and smart devices as well as being tracked via Artificial Intelligence.

The end goal for the people, is to be controlled by a Carbon Credit score, that will ultimately determine what everyone will be allowed and not allowed to have, be or do. Go along with their requirements, be a good citizen, you’ll earn and keep privileges, go against their edicts and have things like travel, internet speed, food, communication, employment and opportunities be cut off from access. It’s all there, and you are encouraged to dig deeper to find out for yourself how the things happening here in Utah are reflective of those objectives.

The Proof is Right Before our Eyes

There’s no denying it, and sticking our heads in the sand, hoping this information isn’t true won’t make it go away. It is not only true, and happening here in Utah, it’s BEEN happening for more years than is fathomable. To have done this much with little resistance is the mark of a deep and detailed plan, executed on many levels, over many years, to weave itself into the fabric of society and the minds of the people and gain familiarity and finally acceptance.

Utahns were lulled into compliance by nebulous words, by pleas to care for the world and for the collective good of the people who live here, . All the while people here were being set up to stealthy acquiesce their rights to privacy, property, freedom and liberty.

The UN showing up here at their big event and flaunting power back in 2019 is only one of very few outward and obvious signs of a deliberate plan to use Utah, and the good people’s money, resources and trust to infiltrate our state and our country and turn it into their idea of Eutopia. A land where there are worker bee drones who all work for the queen, all while the fruits of their labor is continuously stolen and used to benefit the elite “queens” that strive to rule and reign over all humankind.

May it not be lost on Utah, known as the Beehive state, that it was specifically targeted to become a foothold in the battle to destroy America, her people, and their values on their way to ruling the world.

It’s not too late. Hold onto hope and act NOW to take back what is being stolen from the good, hard-working, God-fearing, lovers of freedom- We the People of Utah.

What WE can do to Stop Regional Implementation of Agenda 21/2030 in our own backyards

Remember: UN Agenda 21/Sustainable Development is a global plan implemented locally. Over 600 cities in the U.S. are members; our town joined in 2007. The costs are paid by taxpayers.) Salt Lake, Park City and Summit Co. are listed. While it’d be very difficult to stop the agenda globally from where we sit, we CAN undo and push back against what they are attempting to do in our local communities.

Some of our public servants DO have the best interests of the community in mind when approving or promoting these initiatives. But make no mistake, there are many who know full well what is going on and how, and those are the people we need to find, expose, remove and replace with people who work for We the People.

Here are a few ideas for digging into your regional/county/local governing boards to discover if they are implementing policies that align with the UN’s.

  • Get a copy of your city or county’s General Plan and read it. Many initiatives are exact. Look for policies and ordinances that promote the agenda
  • Attend town hall, city council, county commissioner’s meetings. Read the agendas, and the attachments, track how they voted on issues, dig into the finances and accounting. If not posted, call the auditor to request, or fill out a GRAMA request for any info missing from public access.
  • Familiarize yourself with Agenda 21/30 buzzwords, with the information in this report (and your own research) about how this is done in plain sight. Use GRAMA requests to find information not posted on council websites. Review minutes, notes, audits, contracts, purchase orders and look for items related sustainable development goals.
  • People need to identify their elected officials promoting the U.N.’s policies and hold them accountable for their actions. Start locally because this is where the infiltration took place. Expose those taking actions contrary to and neutralizing of the US and the State Constitutions.
    No policies are legal or lawful if they go against anything in either, or both of those important documents, as they are supreme to any mandate, ordinance or even a law created by a legislature and signed by an executive branch official.
  • Recognize and resist the trend to replace political boundaries with “regional governance”.
  • If your county or city is part of a COG (Council of Governments, on any level), expose and demand withdrawal from those organizations.
  • See that local governments refuse receipt of federal or state money for new Sustainable Development programs. Why? They breach the system of federalism and raid the treasury.
  • See that your local government is “out of bed” with any Fed. Gov. NGOs, foundations, or corporations that advance anti-liberty agendas. Take back your governments from SD developers.
  • Understand and enforce the role of government in your area so it protects liberty and equal justice.
  • Know and understand both your state and Federal Constitutions, paying attention to Article 1, Section 8, the 9th and 10th Amendments, and the 14th
  • Kick ICLEI out of your town, and any COG groups.
  • Understand about the process of NULLIFICATION in Utah to undo unlawful laws, policies and mandates that serve the” Agenda”, but go against the US and State Constitutions
  • Learn Utah’s Misprision of Treason Statute. US Statute US 18 Sec. 2382  (Source– FreedomAdvocates.org )
Together we can make a difference!


Agenda 21 and 2030 Additional Links


Agenda 21 to the Green New Deal- The War on Human Society



City-State info (2012)





How Agenda 21 sneaks it’s way into legislation in the US





5G Info and Dangers Links





5g with ATT from 2020 (look at grants and verbiage)


Small Wireless Facilities Deployment Act 201 Utah Leg




Related 5G danger links

Viruses formed from energy:
Exposure to a 50 Hz electromagnetic field induces activation of the Epstein-Barr virus genome in latently infected human lymphoid cells – PubMed
The Microwave Factor: The Emperor’s New Virus: China, 5G, and the Wuhan Coronavirus
OSF Preprints | Evidence for a Connection Between COVID-19 and Exposure to Radiofrequency Radiation from Wireless Telecommunications Including Microwaves and Millimeter Waves
The Invisible Rainbow (pp. 85-86, 124)
COVID-19, Blood Clots, and Possible Exacerbation from Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) | by Rob Brown | Medium

UTAH Specific Links

Port Authority














































The oath of office that every servant of the United Nations must take. If an organization is an NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) then they have taken this oath. If public officials have taken this oath and then one for holding office in our country, which oath are the sworn to uphold

UN Oath of Office:

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