Running for: Council Member - District 1


Angela Choberka


Thank you for reaching out. I am happy to respond. I also have concerns about ranked choice voting for many of the same reasons. Mostly, because providing education and communication about how it works would likely not support many of our residents who have other things on their minds. It make disproportionately impact more underserved community members. 

As far as the issue of protecting community members from any public health issues, I will always following the guidance  of our local health department. I work for a large integrated health system and want to keep our community safe and healthy. 

Please let me know if I can provide any more insights to your group. 


Thomas Gooch


Thank you for your email.

I am very much opposed to both of those issues, and for very similar reasons. Would it be OK for me to copy and paste your email directly on my website? www.thomasgoochforogdencity.com

I see the protonmail.com email address and know you care about information privacy. Good for you.

You may like my stance on closed city council meetings also. Basically they're 100% wrong.  


Ken Richey


Thank you for your email inquiry.

I am against Ranked Choice Voting. Ranked Choice voting is an interesting idea with hints of a caucus system intertwined with casting a ballot and is in theory a more economical way of running an election than a traditional primary and general election. I do not believe it achieves the goals set forth in part because it introduces a very complex formula and potentially changes the way an individual would campaign. I support maintaining our current election system as it currently stands.

I do not support the government putting forth a mask mandate or vaccination requirements you describe below. I have no problem with he government making “recommendations” but am against a “one size fits all” mandate. Certainly everyone agrees that we should make efforts to keep as many safe as possible, but I agree with you that personal choice must be allowed for individual circumstances and decisions.

I hope this helps in your efforts to research and learn more about the candidates for District 3 City Council. I would welcome any further questions or opportunities to meet and discuss the challenges and opportunities facing Ogden City.


Priscilla Martinez


Thank you so much for reaching out to me!  I apologize for my delayed response as we have been out and about door-knocking. 

1. I would also oppose ranked-choice voting. It appears complicated and confusing. I also agree that this takes away the voice of each individual.  I am also uncertain about how ranked voting would work in municipal races when it is a non-partisan election. 

2. At this moment in time I believe that businesses should be given the opportunity to set their individual requirements for masks. 

Please feel free to reach out with any further questions. 


Running for: Council Member - At Large Seat "A"


Marcia White


No response yet.


Jack Barnes


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John Ogden


this was the first i had heard of Ranked choice voting, but it looks like it is really taking on some momentum. i am not sure of how close Utah is to accepting this, but there are quite a few states getting ready to do this. I would definitely say that i am against it for sure. im not catching the reasoning for it, seems mostly to make people feel better about not losing their vote if their candidate loses. Then their vote can still count with a second or third choice. i would definitely vote AGAINST Ranked Choice Voting.

i am certainly FOR fixing the problems we have recently had, it is a terrible thing to not trust in your own voting system, especially when it is portrayed as an important thing in our society.

ALSO, wow i am so with you on this mask thing!!

So as i dont agree with making businesses have a mask policy enforced by Government at state or Local level, it would be hypocritical however to be upset IF a business chooses to have a mask policy.

i am totally ALL for the freedoms that we have as Americans, and Government should stay out of a decision like this. Then it would only be up to the business owners to decide if its worth having a mask policy or not. Then also up the customers if they want to shop in that store or not.

Vaccinations Absolutely NOT. i was so upset to see all over, and it does come from the white house agenda!! that "oh if you re vccinated then you dont have to wear a mask. they are just trying incentivise getting the Vaccine, which i feel is totally wrong!!

thx for reaching out and sorry for not finishing this sooner..

little about me: i am an ARMY veteran of Desert storm and work at Hill Air Force Base in Procurement. married for 30 years and have two great adult kids. 30 and 28. WOW cant believe that.

have a great rest of your week!!

Jase Reyneveld


Hi! I apologize for not seeing this email sooner. I do not know much about ranked choice voting, but it doesn't seem like a great concept.

I am strongly opposed to mask mandates and vaccine passports.


Daniel J. Gladwell


I received this similar question from another the other day.

Sounds like I share similar concerns about ranked choice voting. I work in business process improvement and auditing. I've found in my experience and basic accounting principles say the more complicated a process is there is increased risk for mistakes, inaccuracies, or blatant fraud. I don't see a reason to change the way we conduct elections.

As for allowing business to choose their vaccination and mask requirements. I think there are 2 issues here:

1. Masks. If businesses want to require the use of a face covering, I am ok with that. I am not in favor of masks and think it's silly, but if businesses want to require it, I don't have any issues. I am definitely NOT in favor of government mask rules and mandates given to businesses.

2. Vaccinations. This is a tricky one. The United Stated Equal Employment Opportunity Commision recently issued guidance that any employer with over 15 employees may require the vaccination. While I do not agree with this and also agree with all of your points outlined below, this is something that is governed at the federal level. The guidance also says the employer should make accommodations for those who choose not to receive the vaccine: "In some circumstances, Title VII and the ADA require an employer to provide reasonable accommodations for employees who, because of a disability or a sincerely held religious belief, practice, or observance, do not get vaccinated for COVID-19, unless providing an accommodation would pose an undue hardship on the operation of the employer’s business."

Personally, I am not for mandatory masks or mandatory vaccines and I wouldn't support any ordinance or local law that enforce as much.

Please visit my website for more information. www.danielgladwell.info

I appreciate your concerns and participation. If you have any other concerns, please let me know! Thank you, Lois.


John H. Thompson


Thanks for reaching out.

First, 'councilmember' might be a little premature.  Please call me John and with a little luck and lots of votes, come January I just might be a councilmember.  But thanks for the vote of confidence.

I generally support RCV.  I also look at it being beneficial especially during primaries.  Here in Utah I have always objected to mostly Republicans having the public pay for their primary because they couldn't decide in their conventions who to run on the ballot.  Thats OK but my problem was that I paid for the election but could not vote in the primary.  A general Rep philosophy of we'll reap the benefits but are happy to share the costs if our procedures don't work out in the first place.  I also like it, even the way its used, in that it's goal is to get someone with a majority of the vote rather than having, with 3 or more candidates, the winner winning with just a plurality.  As far as I know, when our legislatures pass a bill into law, its always by a majority of the vote.  Elections should be the same way.

Very interesting on the mask/vacc requirements.  I think, based on my understanding, that this is only an issue because the vac is just approved as an emergency measure.  The purpose of govn't is to ensure the safety "and health" of its citizens.  I certainly can live under businesses having this option but as an individual I (or most of the time, my wife) make the decision not  to shop or go out to those businesses.  Had an appointment at McKay-Dee this AM.  A young lady blew through the screening ladies and got on my elevator without a mask (its required there).  I almost interjected myself but the door closed and she jumped off on the 2nd floor.  In my opinion she was putting my health at risk and everyone else in the hospital.  If the hospital wants to make those rules and I want treatment there, I should obey those rules.  Period.  

Appreciate the questions.


Running for: Council Member - At Large Seat "B"


Sebastian Benitez


Thanks for contacting me.  

Just like you, I am a fighter for our City and our State of Utah.  

I am done many things already for our City of Ogden. 

I will try to be clear in my answers to your questions.  

1 - My position on our right to vote.

I have lived in two differents countries with dictatorship.  

I believe that EVERYONE will have the right to vote freely and without obstacles. 

Our Voices mater in every level of the Community in our Country. 


2- Masks and vaccines.  

This is a free country and we all have the same rights.  

There should be no exceptions.  

My right End when YOUR rights begin. 

 Equal Rights with respect to all. 

 In times of Pandemic, Government's  have the Right and Duty to care for the Population and protect us with anti-popular guidelines and decisions in certain circumstances with respect of Our right. 

  I hope that my point of view is reasonable and fair to everyone.  


Thank you

Bart Blair

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Here is a summary of their answers.



Council Member - District 1



Angela Choberka (incumbent)





    1. Concerns with RCV, especially for the underserved in the community.


    2. OK if the Health Department recommends it. 



Thomas H. Gooch




    1. Strong no on RCV.


    2. Strong no vaccine passports.



Council Member - District 3



Mary Khalaf




1 & .2. The video sent in response mentions founding the Islamic Center for women.



Ken Richey




    1. Against, for various reasons.


    2. Against government mandates on masks and vaccinations.



Priscilla Martinez




    1. Opposed to RCV.


    2. At this point, businesses should be able to set their own requirements for masks.



Council Member - At Large Seat "A"



Marcia L. White (incumbent)




    • No response yet.



Jack Barnes




    • No response yet.



John Ogden




    1. Against RCV, and for fixing any election integrity issues currently present.


    2. Against government mask or vaccine mandates for businesses, or for individuals.



Jase Reyneveld




    • No response yet.



Daniel J. Gladwell




    1. RCV carries increased risk for mistakes, inaccuracies, or blatant fraud.


    2. Not for mandatory masks or mandatory vaccines and wouldn't support any ordinance or local law that enforce as much. Federal employment law might supersede local law.



John H Thompson




    1. Generally support RCV as being beneficial, especially during primaries.


    2. The purpose of government is to ensure the safety "and health" of its citizens. Howver, businesses can choose, and people can choose whthe or not to shop there. Not wearing a mask in a hospital is putting the health of everyone in the hospital at risk.



Council Member - At Large Seat "B"



Sebastian Benitez




    1. EVERYONE has the right to vote freely and without obstacles. (Note: I do not think this candidate knows what ranked choice voting is.)


    2. In times of Pandemic, Government's  have the Right and Duty to care for the Population and protect us with anti-popular guidelines and decisions in certain circumstances with respect of Our right.



Bart Blair