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Why 49 Other States Should NOT Follow the New Utah Way

The time has come, Utah! Be not afraid, but you are going to need a steel spine and courage. Peacefully, speak up and speak out.

Below is the story of a very sinister operation that was unleashed on Utah without the knowledge or consent of the people.


Utah is unequivocally corrupt, but salvagable. The Utah cabal needs to be exposed, and those with firsthand knowledge need to grow a pair – to put it bluntly — and come forward. The stakes are just your freedom, your kids, and your grandkids — no big deal.

It appears there was a focused operation to target Utah. This operation was to take the “reddest” most “independent” state and dismantle it, and rebuild a compliant subservient population who would stop fighting the takeover of their state and not only submit to it but actually push for and implement it.

Please note below, the military documents, both by graduate students at the naval postgrad school. One thesis paper is written by Robert Flowers, and the other by S. Camille Anthony.

This one is on the dismantling of Utah’s culture https://apps.dtic.mil/sti/tr/pdf/ADA424732.pdf and this one is implementing the surveillance system in Utah. https://apps.dtic.mil/sti/tr/pdf/ADA456916.pdf

We advise you to read each one, both are a little over 60 pages long, so not tough reads.

To sum the first one up for you, it outlines the cultural destruction of Utah so they can implement homeland security and centralized government — or communism, as we see it. We will quote the paper directly.

“Public safety officers in Utah are, in my experience, extremely dedicated and competent public servants. Nevertheless, the top priority in Utah should be building a new culture where trust and collaboration exist among the organizations involved in homeland security. This thesis argues that such collaboration does not exist today and will not grow naturally on its own. Further, states such as Utah need to develop and implement a strategic plan to build a culture of collaboration. This thesis proposed such a plan, tailored to overcome the specific problems that my research has uncovered.”

We will remind you this appears to be a military document targeting psychological/cultural changes. It was submitted on a standard form SF298. It seems to be a “how to guide” via our own military on a takedown of Utah. What does this look like to you?

Moving onto to another quote:

“…three cultural characteristics of the public safety community pose significant problems for efforts to improve the gathering and flow of homeland security-related information challenges for information initiatives in Utah. First, even when seemingly reasonable changes are made in the way that information is supposed to be gathered and distributed, the lack of trust between the people in that redesigned system will sabotage its actual effectiveness. Second, people in the information system are often subject to “groupthink;” that is, they lose their ability for independent thought and judgment, and instead follow the herd in resisting efforts for change. Third, officials are prone to parochialism.”

Let’s recap this charming statement, shall we?
  1. Utah is just too darn distrustful of the gloriously trustworthy government.
  2. Utah has “groupthink,” (so in short, all thought contrary to what the establishment wants is then classified as “groupthink.” We think that contradicts their argument, but what do you think?)
  3. Parochialism- we will give you the definition incase you are unaware: the quality of showing interest only in a narrow range of matters, especially those that directly affect yourself, your town, or your country Source – https://dictionary.cambridge.org/us/dictionary/english/parochialism  In short, heaven forbid, local governments know their constituents best and don’t fall in line with the federal government or state.

What does this look like to you? Are these bad qualities of Utah? Were these accurate in the 90s and early 2000s, before they executed what appears to be a federal government operation on a state? 10th amendment?

Still not sure? Let’s quote again directly from the paper:

“…We begin with a discussion on what the culture is in Utah and how culture shapes the local, state and national effort concerning homeland security in Utah. According to author Edgar Schein, “Culture, is a pattern of shared assumptions that a group has learned, a way to think, perceive, feel and eventually act.” As an example, Utah has a long history of antigovernment sentiment. Utah was founded by a group of people who were persecuted by government. This fact is repeated often and contributes to the lack of trust in government. Rural Utah has a strong history of individuality and self-reliance: “The western mentality” is a phrase often used in Utah. This western mentality usually describes individuals or groups that are strongly independent, want to be left alone, and need little governance. The rural geography of Utah has made it necessary that governmental agencies build “stand alone” systems through local agencies and not rely on state or federal assistance. These shared assumptions and a long history of independence have evolved into a “we can do it ourselves” attitude. This independence has developed into system protectionism and jealous ownership.”

“Jealous ownership” made us literally LOL, because it’s so stupid, absurd, and insulting that it’s shocking. What he is so nicely saying here is essentially that he’s a Marxist and no one should want private ownership. You know who else thought that way? Karl Marx.

Reading that, we think, “GO UTAH!!!” But as you can see for yourself when reading this paper, that is NOT what they thought. Oh, nay nay, they decided that Utah was too independent, and that these qualities about Utah needed to be demolished (our word not theirs) in order to install homeland security and centralized government (communism) under a strange public-private-partnerships – (PPP) fascistic setup.

Let’s just verify that with one last quote from Mr. Flowers paper:

“The biggest obstacle to implementing the best-designed system in the world is often culture, and unless fundamental changes occur in the culture, progress is stymied. Culture in Utah must undergo a fundamental change. The Markle Report emphasized that no vehicle will lead to change unless the leader at the top is completely clear about the objects he or she seeks. Leadership is key. In order to have an effective homeland security environment in Utah, the major challenges may not be creating physical infrastructures, but the cultural barriers and leadership challenges. Parochialism has been identified as one of those cultural restraining barriers that must be strategized. Parochialism in leadership is alive and thriving in Utah.

Who do you think they got to implement these much-needed changes? Who “collaborates” with all these wonderful “stakeholders” that are not accountable to the people? Is there such a powerful PPP/NGO in Utah that does scenario planning and “coordination?” That is able to get other NGO/PPPs to push their agenda down on cities and counties who do not agree? Maybe the acknowledgment page has some ideas.


Coalition for Utah’s Future decides they know what’s best for Utah. They file an EIN in 1988/89 for Envision Utah.

Source- Envision Utah – Nonprofit Explorer – ProPublica

Source: https://muse.jhu.edu/pub/263/oa_monograph/chapter/2379906

And lest you think they’re just an NGO, they are not. They are BOTH a PPP/NGO

Source- How strategic public-private partnerships are shaping up in cities | GreenBiz

Next: Coalition for Utah’s Future merges with a left group called “Project 2000” to install Envision Utah within the state. Envision Utah officially acknowledged in 1997.

Coalition for Utah’s Future tries to shrink back into the shadows and push Envision Utah forward, though grants for “Envision Utah” are given to CFUF with the details being: Project “Envision Utah” and category “environment.”

Source- Hewlett Envision Utah.

Source- https://hewlett.org/grants/coalition-for-utahs-future-for-the-envision-utah-project/

Envision Utah also appears to be on the payroll of the state:

Source: Le.utah.gov Item 00000681

Meanwhile, we have a governor, Mike Leavitt, who was elected in 1993 and was in place until 2003, when he got selected by Bush Jr. to head of the EPA. Mike Leavitt has his think tank “Oquirrh Institute” that is pushing four pillars:

  1. Governance (Digital) – think electronic voting, signatures, digital identification, everything online. This is now Digital State Utah. Yes, that’s a thing. Look here. Creepy? Yup. Plus make note that Envision Utah has their own tab. Why?
  2. Health (Genetic Matrix) which turned into the Huntsman Utah Population Matrix. Is this entire program a violation of the 4th amendment? We’ll let you decide.
  3. Environmental – Enlibra came from this area here. Granted, this is also Envision Utahs birthplace arena as they both are really from or partner instruments of QGET (Quality Growth Efficiency Toolkit) that is still very much in play today. You may want to look up the “Quality Growth Act” of 1999- HB119.

Source: Wayback Machine- Utah government website and QGETs old website. 

     4. Education- Competency-based was the play here; but more than that, Leavitt had a program called “SmartUTAH” that he thought the best way to push it out in all areas (including government) was via higher education. Enter in Western Governors University — Much more on this section later.

Source- Kinser Paper

Now, we won’t get into details here, but please note, this institute appears to have been core to managing the 2002 Olympics. This appears to have been a front to rollout a horrific surveillance system in Utah without the people’s knowledge or consent. Wonder what they have planned for 2034?

Source: Wayback Machine- Utah government website.

This picture is slightly misleading as we have documents that give different dates for the beginning of Oquirrh Institute.

Source- https://web.archive.org/web/20050203004532/http:/www.oquirrhinstitute.org/

We want to point something out that many people in Utah have forgotten, or were unaware of: Utah did not go down without a fight. Sadly, there are many victims from this takedown of Utah (ahem: Bateman, Swallow, etc.). People who are no longer with us, people whose lives have been utterly destroyed, people who lost everything trying to push back against this monster (guess now is a good time to say NO ONE on our team is suicidal). At every turn they were targeted, threatened, and silenced. Do you think that doesn’t still  happen?

We digress, so let us show you some of the concerns people expressed “back in the day.”

Source:  G-Governing

Let’s highlight a key quote there: ““Early on”, says Alan Matheson, a former Executive Director of Envision Utah, “there was a lot of resistance, especially from those who thought centralized planning was synonymous with communism. They thought it was a ruse for creating regional government.””

Phew we are sure glad that didn’t happen, oh wait…
Source- Envision Utah

As an added bonus what does the below look like to you? Did you know Mike Leavitt’s dad (Dixie) tried this in the 60s/70s and Utah was like, “Wait, that’s communism?!”

Source– Envision Utah’s history- located, oddly enough, on the EPA’s website.


We have all heard this saying and it seems to be used when “collaborating” or “reaching across the aisle.”  We also will note that Leavitt shifted the name Enlibra (it was too hard for people to remember) to “A Better Way.” Odd similarity.

Source: https://web.archive.org/web/20040607074446/http://www.sltrib.com:80/2004/Apr/04272004/nation_w/161078.asp

Anyhoo, the “Utah Way” apparently has a new, national effort now called, “Disagree Better.”

Marxism marries a truth with a lie, just like this nice nice “let’s all get along” model. Disagreements happen. Civility is almost always the best way to engage, but with people who DEMAND compliance they don’t mean disagree, they mean you will do what I say and like it because I’m going to incentivize it, sugar coat it, or make you feel so bad about saying “no,” that you will submit. You, anyone disagreeing, are expected to disagree nicely into submission. They will nicely beat you over the head with words, intimidation, pressure, etc, until you do.

Did you know the elite establishment players in Utah came up with the “New Utah?”

This video is unbelievably tone deaf, condescending, and downright infuriating:


Let’s recap Natalie Gochnour’s (former advisor to Mike Leavitt, and on every board you can imagine) “six transitions” and fully understand what they are saying:

  • Small town state to big city state
  • Growth from outside not inside (interesting considering our open border problem)
  • Getting older: changes who we are (nope, not unless it’s intentional through the education system)
  • Moved to a multicultural state now (aside from the border issue did Utah make any strange agreements with foreign countries?)
  • Elite economy (You mean, the forced upon us tech sector and surveillance, defense systems, Fourth Industrial Revolution hub?)
  • Expensive state (Yup, wonder if developers/developer-legislators have had any influence on that?)
Let’s translate Natalie Gochnour’s “transformations” further:
  1. Planned destabilization. Taking power from local government and having the corporate state take control of what was once locally controlled.
  2. Invasion.
  3. Woke demo taking over, created by our education system.
  4. Foreign occupied soil.
  5. Globalist control and PPP’s for everything. Selling what should be public: water, streets, infrastructure, energy controls (smart metering), etc, and selling them to private corporations.
  6. Push out the middle class, so communism/fascism can flourish

Who is “New Utah?” Do you like what you see in our once beautiful downtown?

That’s coming to ALL of the Wasatch Front, if you all don’t start saying no. We won’t get into the Rewilding Corridors in this article, but understand they want EVERYONE in 4/5 counties: Davis, SLCo, Utah, Weber, and Washington. You won’t be living outside of it when they’re done.

YOU ARE BEING REPLACED, yes, seriously. They are replacing Utah, America, with foreign invaders and making it sound all pretty under words like “net-migration” and “multiculturalism.”  This is also happening to European countries. Does it seem logical that every western countries borders are failing at the same time, or does it seem planned?


A question we hear all the time, “What has happened to Utah?” Up until recently we’d say something like, “We’re not totally sure, but there seems to have been an agenda being pushed here.” Now, we can assuredly say THERE WAS ABSOLUTELY AN OPERATION TO FUNDAMENTALLY CHANGE UTAH by — it appears — our own leadership and our own country, possibly military.

Let’s take a look at all the wonderful things they have done to Utah:

  1. Swimming in surveillance, just look up.
  2. Mass transit EVERYWHERE.
  3. High-density housing majority do NOT want.
  4. Homeless shelters are being forced into cities and counties that don’t have a homeless issue. What do you think is being planned here?
  5. Increased taxes. Yes, INCREASED. They cut taxes and want a ticker tape parade meanwhile due to their policies on TIFS, PIDS, LIDs, TODS, our property taxes are out of control along with everything else. So no, no cheers on the fake tax cuts!
  6. Cutting off our access to our own parks, MOAB anyone?
  7. Increased traffic due to their “15-min city” planning.
  8. Bringing in SUPER COSTLY pro-teams and building giant SMART 15-min cities that our population CANNOT AFFORD!
  9. Education… where do we even begin? They promote cutting off healthy body parts to affirm people’s mental health issues of gender dysphoria, which has skyrocketed — oddly. The P word in schoolbooks and being gaslit that it’s not inappropriate or damaging for children, when it most certainly is. Health clinics suddenly being pushed in schools for “behavioral health” and much more. Lies about climate and carbon levels to change purchasing behavior, activism, and desired future living options. “Save Mother Gaia or we all perish,” lies taught in science classes. Teacher’s “world view” being taught, as this world-view reflects academia taken over by Marxist Frankfurt School philosphy (AKA Woke). Hate of America and our Utah culture (the one being destroyed). We could go on and on here, but you get the idea.
  10. Pushing digital government: further removing your access to your supposed representation. On the horizon QR code, emails for public comment. Ask local municipalities what their definition of open meeting is. Soon you won’t be able to get ahold of a person, like FEDEX or Coinbase.
  11. Digital ID push: this is literally one of the worst, most terrifying things being promoted in this state. How did we go from fighting the REAL ID to rolling over and taking the digital ID? Oh, that’s right, we were targeted by our own government — AWESOME.
  12. Crime increasing in parts of Utah. REAL quality of life dropping.
  13. Illegal immigration due to Utah’s sanctuary state status that our own governor is not truthful about.
  14. Threats of water conservation the Nazis would have been proud of (“thirst games” and report your neighbor programs anyone?)

We could go on, but do you think the culture in Utah has changed for the better or worse? Do you like what you’re seeing? Do you think this is sustainable? How do you think this ends? When have we “conserved” enough water? When have we built enough housing? When do we have enough mass transit developments? When do we have enough sensors and surveillance? When do we finally look around and go “Utah is unrecognizable, and I actually don’t want to live here anymore?”

BE NOT AFRAID! The time to speak out is right now, you won’t be able to later. Damage is being done daily, some nearly unrecoverable. There will come a time, when you will wish you had spoken out, and it will be too late. We hope to see you on the front lines helping us push back peacefully and verbally, and with better ideas that aren’t this repackaged Marxist trash that many representatives buy into.

You MUST demand the repeal of SB54.

You MUST demand regional government be stopped and the local government be put back in place.

You MUST demand that your cities and counties tell the state “NO” on things not representing their constituents. Forcing them to choose from a set of pre-determined outcomes is NOT representation. Cities are being asked to pick the least of the worst centrally-planned, high-density options. This “affordable housing” actually drives cost up. Once the least horrible plan is chosen, the Utah League of Cities and Towns says the cities agrees with it even though the non-developer, non 15-min cities hate it. It’s not representation and it’s not constitutional. 

Oh, wait until they come out with how they really feel about nature! You, a human, are just as valuable as a bird. Seriously, read their literature — it’s coming. Stop this climate and rewilding madness before you lose your home and/or land. STOP IT.

Demand transparency. Enough is enough. They are supposed to work for us and yet we bow down and kiss the boot. You are worth more, our founding fathers demanded more, they gave up everything. The least we can do is speak up and say, “No more.”

Utah, you need to find that amazing American western mindset they hate so much. Fly your independence right in their faces! 

Utah has its own culture; it was a GOOD one. Let’s get it back. No shame in being pro-marriage, no shame in being pro-nuclear family, no shame in being pro-America, no shame in being pro-Utah’s awesome and religious history. NO SHAME IN BEING GOOD, HONEST, HARD WORKING, ETHICAL AND MORAL PEOPLE. This is the REAL Utah Way!

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