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What is “OneUtah”?

What is “OneUtah”? Good question, we have the PDF roadmap from Governor Cox below. We highly recommend you read that and then read Agenda 21, see if you find any similarities. 

Once you read this through, and if it concerns you, please start contacting your legislature right away. They are willfully, be it ignorant or not, destroying Utah and America. They are implementing horrible programs that cause division, remove our rights (which they have no authority to do), and utterly destroy our economy. It is time to wake up Utah! 

Below is also the Utah ARP-ESSER State Plan for Education- we all know what the school boards think of Utahn’s defending their children’s rights and standing up against CRT and other racists and harmful propaganda, do you trust them with this plan? Take a look and take the time to read all 73 pages. 




This appears to be part of a much bigger plan. The United Nations has a “One” program:

“At the end of 2006, eight countries informed the Secretary-General of their intention to pilot the “Delivering as One” approach: AlbaniaCape VerdeMozambiquePakistanRwandaTanzania, Uruguay and Viet Nam. At the same time, the Secretary General requested the Chair of the United Nations Development Group (UNDG) to lead an effort with the Executive Heads of the UNDG to move forward with the “One United Nations” initiative based on the interest expressed by programme countries and with the support by Millennium Development Goals strategy support funds.” Source: https://www.un.org/en/ga/deliveringasone/

Source: https://unesdoc.unesco.org/ark:/48223/pf0000074879

And Utah is implementing and participating in “One Water”

Source: https://youtu.be/FVLCKyRThAo?feature=shared

Or “One Health”

And much more. 

Source: https://www.utahbar.org/wp-content/uploads/2023/03/4.-Gov.-Spencer-Cox-releases-One-Utah-Roadmap-a-plan-for-the-first-500-days-of-the-Cox-Henderson-administration.pdf

Did you agree to have your right to elect the school board revoked? We didn’t. 

Did you consent to data collection on your children and yourself? We didnt. 

Source: https://bioutah.org/one-utah-health-collaborative-and-utahs-biohive-community/

Utah is promoting some extremely bad programs. They are also actively helping push and lead in “One Health” – same program the WHO is engaging in. This is taking your sovereignty both as a person and state, and in the case of WHO our country. 

This should be stopped asap. 


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