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Utah County and the United Nations Part 1

Hey Utah County take a look below:

We looked at all 9 candidates in 3 key positions of power in Utah County- those who run the elections, those who will investigate those elections, and those running in the commissioner’s race Seat A, as she was the clerk from the 2020 elections (now turned Utah County Commissioner). This graphic kicks off our spring/ summer series as we walk through the hub in Utah of the new silicon slopes/tech world, RCV push and other important connections throughout our state. The 2nd in this series post will drop on Monday. We have questions. Come learn things with us and see if you have questions too.

* Any candidates missing from this graphic were those we found no direct linkage between in those specific 3 races, clerk, auditor and Seat A (the clerk who was over the 2020 elections). If you know of a connection we missed, drop it in the comments below or email us.



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