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Utah County and a United Nations Connection Part 2

Below is the next in our series about Utah County and the UN and how they are intertwined. Since we started with Amelia Powers Gardner she is the center of this chart and from there we branch out into other arenas. Take a look:


For more sources see below:

Is Utah County serving the interests of Utah County citizens or the interests of the World Economic Forum and its Great Reset?

1. National Cybersecurity Center “Secure the Vote” Advisory Board
2. Government Blockchain Association (GBA) Voting Working Group
3. American Council for Technology – Industry Advisory Council
4. IEEE Blockchain Standards P2145

1. The National Cyber Security Center was founded by long-time World Economic Forum agenda contributor and former democrat Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper. The Center sets technology standards for international cybersecurity initiatives.

The National Cybersecurity Center is a strategic partner of the World Economic Forum and part of the Great Reset’s cyber surveillance and voting reforms through its “Secure the Vote” and “Future of Voting Election Resiliency” initiatives. The National Cybersecurity Center, with funding from Biden-backed Tusk Philanthropies, worked with Utah County Clerk Amelia Gardner to orchestrate Utah County’s 2019 Ranked Choice Voting Voatz blockchain pilot. The pilot was subsequently expanded and used at the Utah GOP’s 2020 Convention.

These blockchain voting pilots are run internationally and nationally and are part of a broad election reform program to shift counties and states into Ranked Choice Voting and digitized, surveillance-based election systems where local government duties are replaced by Big Tech. These reforms are being used to undermine Republicans at the city, county and national levels. Gardner lists her continued involvement with the National Cybersecurity Center on her campaign flier for Utah County Commissioner.



IEEE is working with UNESCO in UGANDA to promote STEM and Common Core-based curriculum:

National Cybersecurity Center established in 2016 from the vision of Governor John Hickenlooper:


As a contributor to the World Economic Forum, Hickenlooper orchestrates several digital surveillance initiatives such as voting pilots that are masquerading as cybersecurity initiatives. These cyber initiatives are often sold to government leaders as a means to “counter misinformation”. Some of Hickenlooper’s strategic partners are well-known players in the digital Great Reset such as IBM, MasterCard and Salesforce


Hickenlooper Details Opportunities at World Economic Forum Meeting:


Hickenlooper Visiting Davos for World Economic Forum:


Utah County Clerk Amelia Gardner coordinated the 2019 Utah County and 2020 Utah Republican Party Convention’s online Ranked Choice Voting pilot on Voatz’ blockchain technology system because money was funneled from Biden-backed Tusk Philanthropies to Hickenlooper’s National Cybersecurity Center to Utah County. Gardner allegedly took donations that may have contributed to this flawed decision.


Utah County Clerk Received Campaign Donation from Investor in Voting App:



The National Cyber Security Center audited the both pilot programs for Utah County and the Utah GOP: 





The pilot is a collaboration between the Utah County Elections Division, Voatz, Tusk Philanthropies and the National Cybersecurity Center.


See that the National Cybersecurity Center is tied to Biden’s long-time Campaign manager:

Tusk Philanthropies’ President Sheila Nix is Biden’s long-time campaign manager. In this podcast, she talks about orchestrating these National Cybersecurity Center/Voatz voting pilots. They were first piloted in Colorado and Virginia before being piloted in Utah County in 2019 and at the Utah Republican Party Convention in 2020:


The National Cybersecurity Center’s 2021 Future of Voting Election Resiliency Project is a joint project with Biden-backed Tusk Philanthropies (with policy and marketing support from the Soros-funded Brennan Center for Justice out of NYU. (The Future of Voting Election Resiliency flag logo can be seen at both websites below). The Brennan Center for Justice is a left-wing policy tank and law firm that is funded by George Soros-associated organizations. It works towards voting reforms like those that impacted the 2020 election.





See the Brennan Center for Justice’s Soros-associated funders here:


Since serving on the National Cybersecurity Center “Secure the Vote” Advisory Board, Amelia Gardner has added other blockchain organizations to her list of Committees including:

2. The Government Blockchain Association (GBA) Voting Working Group

The Government Blockchain Association (GBA) is a member organization based in Washington D.C. that “helps government, public sector, and organizations understand, implement and benefit from blockchain.” GBA working groups are made up of national, state and local government leaders that are committed to supporting blockchain pilot programs and initiatives. Amelia Gardner spoke at the Government Blockchain Association (GBA) meeting in Texas in 2021, and said that she ran as Utah County Clerk to institute blockchain initiatives at the local level. Gardner said that we can use blockchain technology to move toward a society that its built on a “distributed ledger” blockchain-based system and that when we do, we won’t “need our local government” instead, “you can control your access to information and you can control your future.” Gardner goes on to say that citizens’ transactions should be “tokenized” and recorded on blockchain. She seems to think that this will protect local citizens from government control, but according to the World Economic Forum’s 2021 Global Technology Governance Summit, they claim that “In the Future, the Economy will be Tokenized”. 

Do Utah County citizens want to remove our Republican form of government at the local level? While we may want to reduce the size of government at the local, state and national levels, we don’t want to eliminate the need for local government or we will forfeit the protections that our Republic offers to future generations and hand governance to a Technocracy. 


Amelia’s presentation at the GBA meeting here:


Information about the World Economic Forum’s focus on “tokenizing” the global economy:


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