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6-21-23 -Anonymous Author

Utah has some BIG issues. The core is still unveiling itself, but as it stands currently, the United Nations, WEF, WHO, and China seem to have the biggest influence and sway on our “elected” reps.

We don’t need to higlight the AP article on Utah and China, many others have done that, but it gives you an idea of how bad things are.

What seems to get skipped, overlooked, or whatever phrase you want to use, is the ties to global unelected bodies. Bodies who are pushing some tyrannical agendas that are the antithesis of what America stands for. The UN, WEF, and others like it have a very alarming hold over this state, and worse, the state seems not only to tout it but push it forcibly onto the people. In our humble opinion this is treasonous as it’s putting Utah and America at great risk from hostile systems.

This is done through a variety of submersive tactics, but the worst being NGOs and PPPs. The reason these are so bad is because most of the people working for them don’t know what they are participating in. They have bought into the global agenda and think it’s for the better, individual rights be damned as they say. We will state again that this is literally in direct conflict with our very foundation and laws of the land, yet here we are.

Utah has become a corporate fascist state and really without many knowing it.

We did a video on this which is here and the PDF format is here or if you prefer PNG that is here.

* Typo Evan not Even

Hopefully you will read these, view them, or whatever way works best for you and share. People really need to understand what is happening and they need to change course quickly. If not we will no longer have even the facade of freedom, let alone our once great state and country.

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