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We must express with great vigor that you please read what is at this link, understand it, and see where you (Utah) are at in this timelime. If you think UDOT is just some agency in Utah and doesn’t do much outside of our roads this will clear that up for you real quick.


Billboard Designs

Here’s a trick the elite love! 

Quote from Paul Miller:

“”Get the car manufacturers to invest in a dead horse. Then when you pull the rug out from under them, they fall flat on their faces.”

This video I posted has even harder hitting evidence in the EV market. “FORD LOST $72,000 FOR EVERY EV IT SOLD! In fact, Ford lost more than $1 BILLION dollars in it’s EV business in just 3 MONTHS.” “How can a car company handle such a substantial loss? .. Ford was set to lose over $4.5B on it’s EV business. ..The Department of Energy gave them a $9.2B low-interest loan. They were also given $6B to build a new EV manufacturing plant in Michigan.”

Yeah, this video is a wake up call to the public! If this is happening with Ford.. What is going on with Chevy/GMC? “

We don’t know about you but we love being spoken of as children. Carrot before the stick, literally. In other words you WILL do what the state says or else! 

Has anyone in Utah considered the loss of decent paying jobs for people who did not graduate High-School or go to College? We ask because one of the top paying jobs for those who did not complete education is trucking. 

What about what this will cost trucking in general? 

Did anyone speak with truckers and the companies about the cost of moving everything to electric? Or what those batteries will do to our environment? 

Also please note that Utah, where it is against the law to run omnibus bills, actually states they will do so (stick). In other words any means are justified legal or not. 

This is one of the most disgusting patronizing pieces of propoganda we’ve ever seen in a presentation, which is saying something. 

They will tell you they are not working to get rid of your right to travel freely, but all signs point to that is exactly what they are doing.

They will tax you, fine you, and fee you into poverty. They will collect data on you, invade your privacy and track your carbon credits until you simply can’t own a car, or in some cases you public transportation. At that point how do you get to your job? How do you get food for your family? How do you get anywhere really? 

You should be saying no right now to ALL of this.  SB125 from 2023 electrified our entire transit sytem. Who was behind that? What funding is involved with that kind of bureaucracy?

This is all part of the UN/WEF plan, but worse it’s been in the works for Utah for a very longtime. This is an article from Desert News- 1998, and was linked to fom the Utah government website

The spin in this video is amazing. When anyone compliments San Francisco that should be a big tip off. Imagine trying to grocery shop, or what if you want to go see your mom in another city? No car. Have fun in the winter. 

This video goes over the history of the “15 minute city” and transportation. The concept sounds pretty good until you understand we already did that, and what came from it. 

Did they, and are they, making cars unaffordable? It appears so. Now consider the supply chain issues. This really should concern you. 

He gets part of it here. The goal was to destroy the car suppliers so you slowly have no way to purchase a car without jumping through hoops and being rich. What he missed is the main goal here. It is to remove your right to travel freely and in your own car. You will OWN NOTHING AND BE HAPPY. 

They just tell you in this video. No question about it. They want all car use coming to an end by 2030, and demand managment by 2025. 


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