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Utah gets a lot of shout outs as “ushering” in the 4IR (fourth industrial revolution). Are we excited about that? Is that a good thing? Utah is home to the Mormon Transhumanist movement, which in our opinion, is alarming. 

Quoting the WEF (World Economic Forum)- “Now a Fourth Industrial Revolution is building on the Third, the digital revolution that has been occurring since the middle of the last century. It is characterized by a fusion of technologies that is blurring the lines between the physical, digital, and biological spheres.”

This will destroy humanity in our humble opinion. 

One of the best videos we’ve seen explaining the CBDC and Digital ID merger.  We recommend everyone watch the above video. 

A man being decended upon by law enforcement for a post in support of protests against the forced vax. 

Social Media Campaigns

In 2023 our legislature passed HB311 and SB152 (social media age verification bills). These were meant well but did not take into consideration a few things:

  1. Social Media is the townsquare. You may not like that it is but it is. Keeping people off of social media is censoring/restricting voices. 
  2. How are they going to verify age if not using your ID? This sadly opens the door wide for Digital IDs 
  3. It puts kids at risk. Their information (confirming their age) can be hacked and put on the dark web. 
  4. Puts parents at risk. Kids will find a way to get on social media, how do you make sure it’s an adult? This will likely be used to force biometrics to confirm identity. 

We have to stop asking the government to co-parent with us. We don’t want the government involved in our lives. It is your responsability to parent your children. If you continue to ask the government to put the “rules” in place you are opening the door for frog in boiling pot tyranny. Is “convenience,” and “safety,” a false one, worth it?

Please take part in our #nosurveillance social media campaign.

This is peaceful, and we do NOT condone destruction of any property. This is simply to take pictures of surveillance in your area, and post to social media with the tag #utbigbrother or #dontsurveilmebro.

This is to let elected representatives and others know we do NOT consent to our privacy being invaded. “Safety,” “security,” and “convenience,” do not override our rights to our own biometrics and more. 


Surveillance Billboards

If you would like to put one or all of these up, please reach out to us. We can send you the file for the billboards. Play big. We provide the graphics, you get them up. 

In our experience, billboards range from $1,000 for digital-5 days and up depending on timeline.

You can reach us at social@utahfreedomcoalition.org


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