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There is an agenda to destroy the nuclear family. Please understand what that REALLY means. 

Strong men protect their families; strong women protect their homes and children. When we feminize men, masculinize women, and confuse genders/sex we dismantle the biggest and most fierce opposition to tyranny. There are differences between males and females for primitive reasons and more. Primitive = survival of the species. 

They are working on growing babies in pods and installing a uterus and more into biological males, so women can be removed and erased from one of their most important primal roles – birthing and raising children. That doesn’t mean women are subserviant to men, it simply means they both have different roles. Women are under seige. Due to the pretty words of girl power and feminist jargon females are being lured into their demise. 

Perversion is being targeted towards our male population. Get them addicted to not just porn, but transexual and homosexual porn. There is some evidence that points to specific algorithms being set to push specific porn infront of men. The further removed they are from biological women the easier it is to stop procreation and to bring down the nuclear family. That is not hyperbolic, it’s truth. You have men leaving their wives and children to engage in various forms of sexual “exploration,” and women leaving men for the same. To be clear this is not a condemnation of homosexual people as a whole. This is addressing the social contamination and algorithymic push to alter natural orientation and the image of mankind.

These types of graphic imagery demolish the brain and leads to escalation. People are engaging in things they never naturally would have. They are looking at things that are absolutely abhorent because “regular” no longer works. This is making our society sick and degenerate. 

Read about Mao, Stalin, or the Bolshevik Revolution. The sexual pervision and destruction of the nuclear family are all part of the playbook to destroy and collapse a free people and install tyranny. 



If they takeover food, if they mutate our food beyond recoginition of it’s natural roots what do you think that does to our bodies? To our fertility? 

Here it mentions the United Nations and the World Health Organization working together to “research” human reproduction in order to “…so that the serious consequences of population explosion on human environment can be prevented.”

DO YOU WANT TO BE “PREVENTED” from having children and living?

Capitalism being blamed for all our woes Don’t worry though in this paper they say “how they could align with degrowth counter-hegemony  to help overcome capitalism.”

“To help degrwoth succeed, CBPP needs to be more widely adopted, for which larger organisations seem better equipped. Future studies focusing on concept of scaling wide in CBPP networks in the context of degrowth counter-hegemony are suggested.”


According to the world population action plan procreation should be curbed for the greater good. If you are not “allowed” to have children, or there is an elite group actively trying to alter your ability to procreate is that not the one of the most invasive overreaches? 

We decided to pull some highlights for you. Let us know what you think. Does this seem like a depopulation plan to you?

“Moderation of population growth rates in the LDCs could make some difference to food requirements by 1985, a substantial difference by 2000, and a vast difference in the early part of the next century. From the viewpoint of U.S. interests, such reductions in LDC food needs would be clearly advantageous. They would not reduce American commercial markets for food since the reduction in LDC food requirements that would result from slowing population growth would affect only requests for concessional or grant food assistance, not commercial sales. They would improve the prospects for maintaining adequate world food reserves against climatic emergencies. They would reduce the likelihood of periodic famines in region after region, accompanied by food riots and chronic social and political instability. They would improve the possibilities for long-term development and integration into a peaceful world order.”

Reduced population growth rates clearly could bring significant relief over the longer term. Some analysts maintain that for the post-1985 period a rapid decline in fertility will be crucial to adequate diets worldwide. If, as noted before, fertility in the developing countries could be made to decline to the replacement level by the year 2000, the world’s population in that year would be 5.9 billion or 500 million below the level that would be attained if the UN medium projection were followed. Nearly all of the decline would be in the LDCs.
With such a reduction the projected import gap of 102-122 million tons per year could be eliminated while still permitting a modest improvement in per capita consumption. While such a rapid reduction in fertility rates in the next 30 years is an optimistic target, it is thought by some experts that it could be obtained by intensified efforts if its necessity were understood by world and national leaders. Even more modest reductions could have significant implications by 2000 and even more over time”

“31. It is recommended that countries wishing to affect fertility levels give priority to implementing development programmes and educational and health strategies which, while contributing to economic growth and higher standards of living, have a decisive impact upon demographic trends, including fertility. International co-operation is called for to give priority to assisting such national efforts in order that these programmes and strategies be carried into effect.

From 1974  “(c) The promotion of social justice, social mobility and social development, particularly by means of a wide participation of the population in development and a more equitable distribution of income, land, social services and amenities; World Population Plan of Action http://www.un.org/popin/icpd/conference/bkg/wppa.html 20/46 “

“37. In the light of the principles of this Plan of Action,
countries which consider their birth-rates detrimental to their
national purposes are invited to consider setting quantitative
goals and implementing policies that may lead to the attainment of
such goals by 1985
. Nothing herein should interfere with the
sovereignty of any Government to adopt or not to adopt such
quantitative goals. “

Look at the trend. By 2100… it’s 0% population growth. https://www.worldometers.info/world-population/world-population-projections/

After 2024, it goes down every year. Look toward the bottom to see what data sources it uses. And it’s based on “medium fertility.”

“More than half of the projected increase in global population up to 2050 will be concentrated in just eight countries: the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Egypt, Ethiopia, India, Nigeria, Pakistan, the Philippines and the United Republic of Tanzania.” and “U.S., infertility statistics are very concerning as: 1 in 8 American couples has issues with fertility.” https://www.forbes.com/sites/cindygordon/2022/12/11/human-population-and-a-technology-innovation-to-blow-your-mind/?sh=6547a5fd19d6

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