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Questions to ask your County Clerk and Elections Officials

Utah we’d like to ask you some questions- and we’d love for you to think for yourself, research these things for yourself, and get involved. IF WE DON’T HAVE OUR VOTE WE HAVE NOTHING. WITHOUT OUR VOICE WE ARE ENSLAVED. 



Like other states Utah changed some voting last minute in 2020, and they made some other big changes in 2019- it’s worth asking why. 
Did you know that Utah used Runbeck which is the same company used in Arizona?
Did you know that at least 13,000 ballots were mailed out in Utah without their signature line?
Ask about Mail-in ballots, why are they doing mass mailouts? Only those registered and requested should be getting mail-in ballots

Did you know that our Lt. Gov is trying to shove through ranked choice voting? Mayors and councils are passing this without any vote from Utahns about it. THIS RIGS ELECTIONS, THIS OPENS US UP FOR MASSIVE FRAUD- THEY MAY HAVE TO MANIPULATE YOUR BALLOT IN ORDER TO MOVE COUNTS. Please check out our blog here all about it. 

Did you know Utah is one of only 3 states that does NOT have secretary of state? This can cause for a lack of checks and balances. If we don’t have a SOS then we need an independent committee to be over elections when our own  Lt. Gov runs for Governor to ensure there is no fraud. 

Should a Lt. Gov be able to advertise their run for Governor on a government website that’s owned by the people? Should they be able to run their campaign on government websites?

Is an audit easy to run in Utah? Are we able to obtain needed information easily and transparently?

Who is KNOWiNK (No that’s not misspelled)? Can they be connected to the internet? Jetpack MiFI 7730L- Updated in June of 2020- Why did they put a specific server and hotspot for voting? Why does it need to be different? What do these connect to?

What is the process for cleaning voter rolls? Why in some counties is it done AFTER elections? DO WE HAVE LIVE UPDATES HAPPENING TO THE VOTER ROLLS? IF SO DO WE HAVE A TRUE SNAPSHOT OF ELECTION VOTER ROLLS?

Did ES&S help them run their elections in any way? If so how did they help? Was it same day, remote, or in person?

Were the systems updated the day of the election or right before? If so why?

Who ran the elections in your county? Third party or your election officials?

Interesting document describing RUNBECK’s plan to bring mail-in voting to the masses.

Document includes plans to change laws/rules and information about setting up SORTING EQUIPMENT FOR jurisdictions expecting more than 75,000 RETURNED BALLOTS.


We suggest Utahns start asking questions about the primaries in both parties, about the general election overall as well. Utahns need to start paying attention to what the “elected” officials of our state are passing, doing, saying and voting for. Do they represent you? Do they represent Utah?

What we don’t know:

1. Who received the mail-in ballots marked RETURN TO SENDER?

2. Were the mail-in ballots marked RETURN TO SENDER sorted away from the mail-in ballots which were filled out normally?

3. Were the mail-in ballots marked RETURN TO SENDER eventually filled out by the sender then dropped into the anonymous ballot drop boxes with no chain of custody?

Are you a voter? 

You need to start calling around and asking questions.

Here are some starter questions that you should know the answers to:

Who processes my voter registration?
Who stores my vote and who has access to my voting history on the database?
Who prints the ballots?
Who mails them?
Who receives them?
Who are they tied to?
Who funds who?
Who printed the mail in ballots?
Who sent out the mail-in ballots?
What happened to the mail-in ballots that were RETURNED TO SENDER???
Were returned ballots ultimately used?
If so, who used them?
What is the chain of command for ballot drop boxes?
How long is the video footage kept, if at all, from the drop boxes?
How do they plan on securing the drop boxes?

What we now know:

Runbeck printed mail-in ballots.
Runbeck has been partnered with Dominion.
Runbeck was allegedly caught sending pallets of fake ballots to Fulton County, Georgia.
Runbeck was allegedly caught printing ballots with a ~30% error rate for Tarrant County, Texas.













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