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This particular post is from 2009 but it has powerful and useful information- “The office of precinct committeeman (“PC”) has been has been called “the most powerful office in the world” because the PC is the closest structured political officeholder to the registered voter. A registered voter has no vote in internal Party policy; a precinct committeeman does. A PC elects district, county and state party officers, delegates to the Presidential convention and RNC members. PCs sent to the Pres. Convention vote on what policies the party platform will be advocated in the next two years. Through a monthly meeting, PCs interact with their elected Party officials to influence legislation.”


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So we highly advise any and all people in Utah that are sick of what they are seeing happen to their state, and even the federal government get involved. Run for these open spaces. Understand that this is critical and timely.

To see where and what is available look here:

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Jim Turner talks about his experience in his Texas precinct.

Getting individuals involved with local precincts across the nation. BardsFM County by County Module 1 (COxCO). This is an excellent resource to gain understanding and compile a list of local officials currently in office. Print, fill it in and attend a local GOP meeting. You will be prepared with knowledge. Each of us can become locally involved, gaining a voice at local levels.


State GOP
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County GOP
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State Senate
# of Members ______ District number______
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State House of Representatives
# of members_____ District number(s)__________
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US Federal Congressional Delegation
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Senate (______ Members House (_______ Members)
Your District Number(s) ____________________________

Upcoming Elections
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How the Right Can Organize Like the Left

Know what Democrats are doing:

The Neighborhood Precinct Committeeman Strategy provides a template for good, decent, conservative Americans to unite and organize politically to help Get Out the Vote (“GOTV”) for the best conservative candidates in the all-important, traditionally very low turnout primary elections and to change the Republican Party from a half-strength, ideologically split, ineffective political party into a full-strength, solidly conservative GOTV colossus. -Daniel Schultz

The information below can be found on your GOP County website

______________________ County Republican Party

Meeting Location: _____________________________

Time and Date: _______________________________

Chairman/Contact Info:_________________________

Committeeman/Contact Info:____________________

Committeewoman/Contact Info:_________________

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Visit the calendar on the Democrat website, review their plan to GOTV, and strategize to make your plan better.

Contact your county Republican Party Committee or local district Party Committee, find out when and where it meets, and attend the meetings.

Introduce yourself. Be friendly, polite, and low key. The current officers may be wary of outsiders. Ask if a vacant precinct committeeman position exists for your precinct and volunteer to be appointed to fill it. If no vacancy currently exists (extremely unlikely), volunteer to be a “helper” for the existing precinct committeemen.

Ask for a copy of the precinct committeeman handbook of your state party committee. Study it and learn how to run for precinct committeeman in the next election for these positions.

Follow the link below, read the literature, watch the videos, and educate yourself on the process of becoming a Precinct Committee member. Daniel Schultz has turned his precinct RED again and is willing to assist anyone working toward the same goal. His contact information is available on the site.


Document: how the right can organize like the left

Video: how the right can organize like the left

The precinct is effectively the political equivalent of your neighborhood as the smallest political unit in the country. It’s made up of your neighbors and cannot be divided by legislative, congressional, or supervisor districts.

A Precinct Committeeman represents, on average, 500 voters, and has the power to vote for other Party officials and to make endorsements of candidates, and they are official parts of their state’s Republican or Democratic Precinct Committee.

At regular meetings, the committees vote on official party business (i.e., decide on the direction of the local party platform), elect party leadership and Platform Convention delegates (who gets to go to the Republican and Democratic Conventions as representatives of the local party).

What does a Precinct Committee (PC) Member Do?

Vote, in person or by proxy, at each district and county party election when qualified to do so. This allows you to elect who leads our legislative districts and county party.
Assist the Republican Party in voter registration
Assist the Republican Party in cleaning up voter rolls.
Assist and encouraging Republican voters to vote on election days.
Attend District and County meetings.
Working within the precinct from which elected.
Create enthusiasm and support for the Republican Party.
Help to elect Republican candidates.
Encourage loyalty to the Republican Party and promote its ideals.
*The level of participation depends on you.

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