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Out of Session – What You Can Do Now

Now that our legislature is out of session we have some time to focus on bills that need to be drafted and sponsored, others that need referendums and more. 

SB 195- Sub 3- has major issues, while it has been touted as reigning in government it is anything but. This law infringes on our constitutional and natural born basic human rights. There are some key pieces in this legislation that should be cause for great alarm. Those are  down below. Of course it’s all done under the guise of government knowing what’s best for you in case of an emergency. That brings us to a key point, who decides an emergency, what exactly is an emergency by SB 195 Sub 3 definition? When is government involvement too much? When does it go far beyond what the constitution and bill of rights allow? We suggest you read SB 195 Sub 3 for yourself and decide if that’s the kind of government power you think is acceptable. 

The highlights below

  • Individual who is subject to the order of restriction may be required to submit to involuntary: Examination, quarantine, isolation, or treatment in the individual’s home, a hospital, or any other suitable facility under reasonable conditions prescribed by the department.
  • Fines for violating “orders of constraints” can range from $150 up to $5,000 per violation
  • The government may exercise physical control over property or individuals
  • The government may require an individual to perform a certain action or engage in certain behavior
  • The government may close theaters, schools, or other public places or prohibit gatherings of people “Order of constraint” includes a stay-at-home order.
  • The government may restrict movement of the general population


2A Sanctuary State Status is critical at this juncture and I dare say we should demand an emergency session to address this. The Biden regime is quickly trying to circle our constitutional rights to arms and remove them every way possible beside taking them directly. 

A bill protecting Utah from tyrannical federal overreach- similar to South Dakota’s HB 1194. 

Next we can start finding quality candidates to run and campaign for. These candidates should believe in the constitution and above all else our natural born rights! This I believe will be our 2nd largest and difficult task. The first is next.

Voting Laws- We must take note of what happened in 2020. We must look at mass mail in ballots and remove that option. Below are some suggestions.

  • Mail in ballots should be by request only and there needs to be rules about why one is needed.
  • We must require ID’s – this should not be a hot button issue. ID is required to fly, to purchase cigarettes etc, it most certainly should be required to vote. 
  • Utah has Dominion voting systems and these must be audited and removed, along with any electronic system. We need to go back to paper ballots that can be traced and verified. 
  • Live streaming while counting is going on. The entire state of Utah should be able to observe the counting. 
  • No last minute changes or closures to locations.
  • Voting/counting should not last a month after election date. 

These are just some suggestions. There are many other items that other states have put into law to protect their election integrity. 

Start running for your precinct, committee and board openings.

These are just the key items to focus on in off session. What are some ideas you have?

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