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Our 2nd Amendment is in Danger – They’re trying To Disarm the People

Fellow patriots we must make our voices heard about our 2nd amendment rights. This is a critical right to fight off tyranny and the BIden regime is coming for this particular amendment with fury. They are trying to pick away at our 2A rights until they have stripped them every way they can besides physically coming and taking them. 

Below are the gun bills/ laws/ hearings that are either being passed, have passed the house, or are in the wings waiting to be submitted:


HR 8
HR 1112
HR 1446
S 42
HR 127

Terror Intelligence Improvement Act
Caniglia v. Strom
Assault Weapons Ban
Biden threatening to sign an EO with gun control

HR 127 is truly the monster bill of all gun bills. This is basically the UN arms treaty that Obama wanted to ram through but luckily was stopped. We now have no protection against the tyrannical overreach. The house is completely corrupt, including 9 republicans who voted for gun control, and the senate has proven to not be reliable either. 

This is a very serious issue, Stalin, Hitler and other tyrants from the past disarmed their people and then murdered them. Please understand what is at stake if they remove our 2A rights, which they have NO RIGHT TO DO! This is unconstitutional and shouldn’t even be considered but here we are. It’s up to us the people to let them know we will not allow our rights to be trampled on any further. 

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