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Data Privacy Meeting Featuring Chris Bramwell and Timothy Ruff

April 5, 2024

You are cordially invited to hear a spirited discussion of data privacy, featuring Chris Bramwell and Timothy Ruff, at the Highland Meeting on Friday, April 5, at 7:00 PM, at the Highland Community Center in Highland, Utah:

Highland Community Center 5378 W 10400 N Highland, UT 84003
Arrive early to get a seat!

Consider the following questions:
• What personal data is collected from you?
• How private is it?
• Who has access to it?
• Why is it urgent that we systematically control our personal data?

To get answers to these and other questions, please join us for this highly informative meeting!

Christopher Bramwell

Chris is the Chief Privacy Officer in Utah. He was appointed by Governor Cox to be the State of Utah's first Government Operations Privacy Officer. In this position, he works with all levels of government, private sector and public stakeholders to architect and build the information privacy program for State of Utah agencies. Chris has worked in the data privacy sector for over ten years. He served as an Information Technology Specialist for the US Department of Homeland Security, as a cyber security analyst in Idaho, as an information security analyst in Utah, and as Director of Information Privacy and Security for the Utah Department of Human Services. Here is more from Chris (from his LinkedIn Profile): The ever increasing focus on privacy rights in conjunction with the mass amounts of personal information being processed by government and private entities is forming a pivotal focus point of which I am excited to be a part. The State of Utah recognizes the right of privacy in relation to personal data that is processed by governmental entities and is committed to safeguarding the privacy rights of the public. As Utah's first Chief Privacy Officer I am excited to use my years of experience in information privacy and security to help create, implement and standardize state agency privacy programs in a way to protects the public's privacy rights while putting a strong emphasis on transparency and accountability.

Timothy Ruff
Timothy Ruff is a pioneer in the field of digital trust and "self-sovereign identity", or "SSI".

He was a co-founder of four startups with two successful exits, and is now a General Partner with Dr. Samuel Smith at Digital Trust Ventures, a Utah-based venture studio that launches new ventures to solve digital trust problems in healthcare, banking, telecommunications, trade, and more.

Timothy has lived most of his life in Utah, has seven children and twelve grandchildren.

Please join us!

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