Utah Freedom Coalition

Farmland and Food

We will be fleshing this section out further in the near future, but we wanted to get a few things up. It’s critically important to understand what has happened to our food and agriculture. 

If we lost energy tomorrow, or something happened where you could not access a “grocery store” how would you feed yourself and your family? Do you have neighbors that have land, or do you have land, that can be furtile and grow quality food? 

How have we, as Americans, valued agriculture and food? How do we even now? Who makes the big bucks in our society? Who gets demonized for “useing too much water?” Who is under the governments thumb, be it licenses, fees, fines, requirements and more? 

Do you think a nation can be truly free if a majority of the people not only cannot grow their own food, but don’t even know how to cook? 

Have you noticed that you are being slowly moved over to only select brand options, certain grocery store chains (no more mom and pop stores), and worse delivery food apps. The further removed you, the people, are from your own sources for basic survival the easier you are to control. We hope you start to care and defend farmland in Utah. Most of it is getting swooped up by bankers, hostile countries, the elites, and even by our own state to build high-density housing on.

Resources for you to read that help explain this very alarming takeover of our agriculture and food system.

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