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Energy, Utah, and You: How Does Our State Fit in With the Great Reset?

Author: Michael B.

Our illustrious self-elected governor Spencer “Caillou” Cox hosted the supremely-qualified U.S. Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg this past week, who graced our state to talk about how to spend a crap-ton more money we don’t have on things we don’t need — namely the lovely backronym-monikered Promoting Resilient Operations for Transformative, Efficient, and Cost-Saving Transportation (PROTECT) Formula Program. (Details of this horrendous spending spree, here.)

Look how happy these two beta males are to be wasting YOUR money on a hoax.

I mean, “cost-saving” is written right there in the title of the program, so you can completely ignore the $7.3 billion price tag. See, that’s cost-savings. All you have to do to understand and believe that is stop thinking and learn to love Big Brother.

Now, how does this stunning-and-brave “bi-partisan” meeting of the minds between Mr. Butt and Mr. Cox relate to energy in our state? Keep reading…

The PROTECT nonsense is part-and-parcel of the two-pronged climate hoax aspect of the Great Reset.

The first prong, a critical component of the plan, is a psy-op: get people to believe there is an eXiStEnTiAl cLiMaTe CriSis! We’ve all seen this Hegelian Dialectic in play multiple times now: Use propaganda to instill fear in the uninformed by asserting there’s some kind of crisis; elicit the desired reaction to the fake crisis, then present and implement the “solution” to the crisis.

Never let a crisis go to waste, they say. (Especially if it’s a fake crisis you generated.) Watch this an example of how they use media to sell their narrative. 

Belief in that crisis is essential to the plan; it maintains fear, allowing for control. It also helps feed the divisive propaganda of “othering” anyone who objects to the narrative, turning common sense into conspiracy, and making pariahs out of patriots.

The second prong is all about economic and physical control: by claiming there’s an existential crisis — an emergency caused by your freedom — the only justified response is, of course, logically, to remove your liberties. And who are you to argue…it is, after all, all your fault. So shut up and get ready to have your liberties rightly curtailed, you planet-destroying, selfish person! No more cheap gas — and what’s more, no more freedom of movement, no more anything for you if your social credit score takes a dip for being a “climate denier.”

And thus we have six dollar gas and Pete Buttigieg telling you that if you don’t like it, you should go buy a $60,000 electric car. I mean, you brought this on yourselves, right? And of course, these cars that mostly charge from the grid (that is, from coal-fired power plants) are somehow the “green” answer to their made-up climate crisis? Uh-huh.

Meanwhile, there’s that $7 billion “PROTECT” plan, and our shiny-headed “leader” cozying up to the feds, yet again, whoring for strings-attached cash to line the pockets of Deep State cronies like himself and sell Utahns up the river by enacting more and more Draconian measures with regard to our energy. (What he should be doing is suing the feds to get our public lands back, which would make our state energy-independent…but don’t hold your breath for that.)

Yes, that red stuff is all supposed to be ours.

You should be concerned about climate change. No, not actual climate change — that’s silly — but the psy-op they call climate change. There are multiple organizations operating in our state that are dedicated to perpetuating the myth of man-made catastrophic “climate change” for the purpose of handing over freedom and control to national and international power players like Klaus Schwab, to help usher in the Agenda 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. One such homegrown (or surgically-implanted) group is the Utah Climate Action Network. They make ridiculous assertions on their home page, like,

“Human civilization continues to emit greenhouse gases by burning fossil fuels at record levels, causing global warming and therefore disrupting the entire planetary climate system. In fact, the State of Utah is warming twice as fast as the global rate.”

Uh huh. Never mind the fact that carbon dioxide is required for photosynthesis — it’s literally how plants breathe, and in turn provide us oxygen. Demonizing carbon dioxide was about the most brilliant Orwellian move ever by these power-addicts.

Over the past four to five years, multiple bills have passed through the state legislature that are incrementally driving toward certain goals. Those goals are aligned not with what makes sense (becoming energy independent through ownership and use of our own rich abundance of fossil fuels in the state), but rather aligned with what fits with the climate change narrative and UN/WEF globalist goals. And those goals are essentially to turn us all into slaves dependent on their permission to live our lives in accordance with our natural rights.

As these groups gain a foothold, follow the money. Keep a close eye on your state rep or state senator, and stay in contact with them. Pressure them to justify their votes. And as top officials like Cox continue to genuflect to feds like Buttigieg, taking money that’s causing unsustainable inflation, it’s more critical than ever that we take action at the local, county, and state level to prevent this takeover disguised as good stewardship of the earth. Of course, nobody believes pollution is good, or that waste is wise. But that’s not what the “green” movement is about.

It’s about control.

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