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Elections and Utah: Are We the “Gold Standard?”

Utah we need you to help with these calls to action and we need you to go quick and strong. Loud voices! We have the affidavits and notice for you to do first (under take action), but this is the next step. 

Contact the attorney general and let him know the below items

  • He needs to subpoena the Lt. Gov for breaking the law and require she give the full voter rolls for 2020 this includes private and withheld (including March and November) over to the Government and Operations Committee both House and Senate.

  • That an injunction be started to stop the counties and state from destroying any voting or related materials from the 2020 elections.

  • We the People demand our Attorney’s General honor his oath by joining the forthcoming lawsuit – direct AG Reyes to

    General number 800-244-4636

    Direct number 801-538-9600

    Email uag@agutah.gov

Contact the legislature and let them know the below:

  • We would like specifically the government and operations committee members to ask for the full 2020 voter rolls- this includes all private and withheld. Other legislature should also ask either for them themselves or for the gov/ops committee to be given them.

  • That the trust in elections is broken and the more they avoid an audit and throw up obstacles and refusals the more it looks like they have something to hide and it further erodes the public trust.

Key items we want to review- This is by NO means and exhaustive list, but it’s to help get started.

  • Ballots- Signature verification and Kinematic Artifact Detection done on ALL ballots

  • Voter rolls (full ones) data analysis done and canvassing

  • Tabulators reviewed and SPLUNK logs along with the machines and routers

  • Chain of custody logs- especially in regards to ballot drop boxes and mailin ballots

Again the goal is simply to know that Utah has clean elections- that we can verify who we voted for is who got our vote. This isn’t about decertification or overturning anything, although if people are found to NOT have won their elections then the person who did needs to be put in place. It’s quite simply that we want and have every right to a full audit to make sure votes are being distributed to those who people voted for.

To anyone who is against this we simply ask why? Why are you against transparency, accuracy, verification and securing one of our most precious right? This is NOT a party issue, it honestly shouldn’t be a debate, why would anyone fight this unless they had something to hide?

To get emails and phone numbers for the represntatives please go here GOV/OPS committee for the house is here and the senate is here

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