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Climate Change

From 2014, weird. 

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This is a SAVE CO2 reel. Please share. #saveco2 #climatescam.

No carbon credits. Rules for thee but not for me reel. 

No carbon tax reel.

Multi-millionaire climate grifter, John Kerry, announces the need for a war-like effort to shut down the American food supply, in order to fight the imaginary “climate crisis”.

Scottish archaeologist, historian and broadcaster, Neil Oliver, eloquently and comprehensively debunks the fear-mongering human-induced “climate crisis” narrative.

“[Climate alarmists] are deliberately lying to the people and pushing a false narrative shaped to cause fear and assure mass compliance that serves the intentions of vested interests.”

Contrary to the claims of climate grifters like Al Gore, changes in atmospheric CO2 lag behind changes in temperature by 800 years, as evidenced by numerous ice core surveys.

“So obviously, carbon dioxide is not the cause of that warming. In fact… the warming produced the increase in carbon dioxide.”

"Build Back Better" - Climate Change Used to Usher in Tyranny.


Climate Change Billboards

Below are some options for billboards. These are designs we are happy to share with anyone who can put them up with their own funding. If you are interested in getting the files, please contact us at social@utahfreedomcoalition.org

If you would like TRUTHFUL information on CO2and why we need it pleaes click the button below. This will help you answer questions.

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