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Audit Utah 2020 Election!

Why should Utah do a full forensic audit? It went to Trump. Well let’s answer a few of those questions.

1. While Utah went to Trump we have down ballot questions. Some funny business happened between Utah County and SLC County for the Owens vs McAdams count. 

2. Since 2010 our legislature has passed 201 bills related to elections. We should ask ourselves why.

3. Salt Lake City County has Dominion voting system- Check this video out about Dominion and ES&S – Utah has both.

4. Our state is the test ground for ranked choice voting on a massive scale. You need to ask yourself why. You also need to ask why 28 out of 29 election officials in Utah are against RCV. We have a blog dedicated to it here

5. Most important we can not survive as a country if we don’t trust our elections. In order to restore trust to our votes and restore our voices a full forensic audit must be done. 

6. WHY NOT? Who does it hurt to do it?



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