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 GET READY UTAH. January 2023 the general session starts and one of Gov. Cox's big push is going to be shoving Ranked Choice Voting through.

Now we know how bad it is, they do as well, which means one thing. They want rcv to further fortify corrupt election issues in Utah. They like making corruption legal.

You will need to be really loud and demanding in shutting RCV down!

We still have signs people can have that say "no ranked choice voting." If you want one we will announce locations soon to pick them up at.

The RCV pilot program needs to be shut down, this is HB75 from 2021 session. BE AWARE THEY WILL USE THESE OTHER TERMS OR TYPES TO GET RCV OR AS CLOSE TO IT THROUGH:

Alternative voting methods
Star voting
IRV - Instant runoff
Approval voting

THIS MUST BE STOPPED! Please email every single legislator and ALL "elected" representatives. Please make sure you express this is not only unconstitutional, it is corrupt. 

Utah you may or may not know that Utah County, and possibly one other (Daggett) county are using VOATZ app for military and disabled voting. 


VOATZ is an ONLINE voting app. Yes, ONLINE! This means it is most certainly connected to the internet. They promote security because they use blockchain, but sadly that is hackable. 


For a full in depth dig on why this absolutely can not be used, and must be banned, please read this blog and watch this video. There is more coming on this as well, big stuff, stay tuned. 


In the meantime please write, call and text your legislators, city and county council members, and all other elected representatives. Please let them know this is not allowed. You do not want voting apps, not one!

Utah, we have a big problem. The United Nations has infiltrated every single area of our government. This has allowed for tyrannical actions to be taken against this citizens of Utah. 


Our "elected" representatives are actively engaging in aggressive actions against the people. This is being done via the UN SDG goals, and their infrastructure rollout. 


We want the UN banned. All their programs/ protocols, and our platforms must be removed from Utah and banned from ever being used again. 


In 2013, Rep Weiler, still in office, proposed SJR11- a resolution banning the UN Agenda (2021, now 2030). It passed almost unamiously, but nothing happened and it was never put into law. 


They either were gaslighting the public, or they were influenced to move away from banning and instead inviting the UN in.


Please contact the legislators, send them this resolution, and demand that UN Agenda 2025, 2030, 2045 and 2050 be banned and all projects tied to this agenda be stopped immediately for review. 

Utah is actively participating in actions that are dangerous and threatening to the public. They are moving forward on a full surveillance smart grid rollout. 


This is extremely alarming, and will only rival China in it's erosion of human rights and privacy. 


Utah does NOT have the consent of the public for these terrifying two way communication projects, yet they are forcing them through. 


Smart Meters are being installed without consent, and when people request they be removed and or the analog left on, they are being met with hostility and threats. Please make sure you write down any interaction about these smart meters and fill out an affidavit to submit against you city and or council on this project. 


Smart Meters are very dangerous. They can be accessed remotely by anyone who has the capability to hack the software. This is leaving Utah, and the public, in grave risk of having electricity and water shut off or interrupted. 


This is not acceptable and the public never gave permission. 


Please contact every single representative and demand these be removed, that the entire smart grid surveillance program be stopped and taken down. 


Information on this can be found below:

blog 1 and blog 2 and blog 3


Okay Utah, here is a big one. Utah is once again participating in aggressive actions against the public. This is not only unconstitutional, but it's another word we won't put down here but you know. 


We have a right to our water! No if and's or but's about it. They have been building a narrative about a drought in Utah at the same time they are building high density housing, NSA and other data centers, and inviting illegal immigrants here. 


They are not telling the truth about the Great Salt Lake, our reservoirs, and in general our water overall. 


Please read the below blogs and watch the below videos:

Blog 1 and Blog 2 and Blog 3

GSL Video

Water Video 1 and Water video 2 and Water video 3


Please let them know we know and we demand they restore our water rights. We demand they get out of the contracts with none USA companies and we demand they stop rerouting drinking water towards the GSL. 


Utah, we know you are aware of SB88 from the 2022 session. This was a bill to push the Digital ID statewide. They call it the Digital Drivers License or mDL. 


This bill was stopped, however they were very deceitful about it. They did NOT take a vote to kill it, but swore to the public it was dead. 

They brought it back on the last day of the session for a vote without consent of the public or input. It was removed from the vote once they killed HB60


They tied these two bills together and they were not going to listen to the public on both. We either got one or the other. In this case we got SB88 killed (we wanted that), and thus HB60 (protected from forced vaccine passports) was killed (against the public wishes). 


It then became clear that they were going to force the digital ID through via PPP (public private partnerships), and have businesses do the dirty work for them. 


Due to this we have a double CTA for you. 

1- Contact the legislators and let them know you know what they did. You know what they are doing, and you are aware of the contracts they have signed with apple among others. Let them know you DO NOT WANT a digital ID, and you will hold them responsible for this.

2- Contact any and all businesses you are aware of and ask that they not participate in the digital ID program. Let them know they are being weaponized against the public, much like they did with the jabs. 


The Digital ID absolutely can not move forward. It is the piece they want and need to undo our civilzation.