Utah Freedom Coalition

2023 Legislative Topics Discussion

Thanks to all of you who came out the event. We did record it. The videos and slides are below. This way you can learn from those and dig in deeper.

SmartGRID – Video 

Digital ID/ Surveillance – Watch Video (this one we have from WATP podcast as she’s able to go into more detail. 

Vaccine Passport – Video

Voting- There is more coming on this so stay tuned – and Video 

Education – and Video 

Transgender – Video

Water – Video 

Agriculture – Watch video, We will scan his handout from the event and post as it was VERY informative. Here is the graph showing drought in Utah is cyclical.

Cotter app and farmers

Utah Inland Port – and due to changes at the port since the presentation we decided to link to an updated Video

Public Private Partnerships/ Digital Ethics – and Video

United Nations – There were some interesting videos available on Rumble, but they’ve been ‘privatized’ so you may want to do some investigation on your own…

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